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Architecture Compliance

Ensuring the compliance of individual projects with the enterprise architecture is an essential part of architecture governance. To this end, the IT governance function with an enterprise will normally define two complementary processes:
The Architecture function will be required to prepare a series of Project Impact Assessments i.e., Project-specific views of the enterprise architecture that illustrates how the enterprise architecture impacts on the major projects within the organization.
The IT Governance function will define a formal Architecture Compliance review process for reviewing the compliance of projects to the enterprise architecture.
Prime testing being an associate member of the large Software Development House who is Microsoft Royalty and ISV has expertise in Certifying the Architecture of the Software Solution. Software Architecture plays a very crucial role in the sustainability and High Availability of the Software Application.

Database Base Access Credibility

Architecture for the type of software getting implemented

Security routines for enabling the software through multiple channels - for which Architecture is most important

Performance and Scalability are heavily depending on Architecture

Integration with other Applications

Interface to Other Portals / APIs

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