Automated Software Reliability Platform

Some of the software testing tasks, such as extensive low-level interface is regression testing, can be laborious and takes some time to complete manually. Additionally, manual testing might not always be effective in finding the certain types of defects. Automated software reliability platform offers a possibility to perform these types of tests effectively. Once automated tests have been developed, they can run quickly and repeatedly. This can be cost-effective method for regression testing of software products that haves a long maintenance life.
Automated software reliability platform can be expensive and are usually employed with the manual testing. Automated testing can be made cost-effective in the long-term, especially when used repeatedly in regression testing.
In automated testing, the Test Engineers must have software coding ability, since the test cases are written in the form of source code, when run, produce output according to the assertions. Selecting the correct features of the product for automation largely determines the success of the automation.
For the sustenance of the software solution, it is very important that periodical checking on health of the Application, Database etc. to be conducted. Also, on every release / update, there has to be a complete cycle of tests to be done to ensure nothing is deviated from the expectations / original scope. Current Scenario warrants rapid developments, which will always result into quality slippages and regression problems.
Most of the enterprise customers are facing this challenge, irrespective of vendor or type of software. This results into delays in Go Live and post Live, Reliability and Credibility issues. Further, the common practice is first time delivery will be undergoing strenuous testing on performance, but subsequent releases will result into Performance Problems. From the Corporate perspective, Time taken for such certifications and Cost towards such certifications are deterrent factors. At Prime Testing, we understand the Customer Perspective and Criticality of this Process and hence came with this niche
One of the very niche expertise of Prime Testing is that, we can create Automated Software Reliability Platform for every enterprise customer against every of their specific software solutions. First time, takes regular time for setting up the Centre, but on subsequent release results are out in hours. Test Center is configurable in line with changing business dynamics.

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