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Cross Browser Certification

Cross-browser Certification is simply to test your website or applications in a multiple browsers and makes sure that it works consistently and as in intended without any dependencies or compromise in Quality. Cross-browser Certification is applicable for both web and mobile applications.
The purpose of cross-browser certification is the appearance of the page in different browsers is the same or different, if one is better than the other.
Cross-browser Certification is performed to know what is wrong and is able to fix it. To enhance the efficiency and user experiences and thereby increases the business.

Prime Testing has a very comprehensive methodology in certifying the software application on the required OS and Browsers. Following are the list of OS & Browsers we can certify. We not only certify the basic software, but also do:

Ajax Controls

Third Party Controls used in the software

Flash and another type of plug-ins including video/audio players etc.


Various types of Menus


Internet Explorer from 6.0 Onwards

Netscape Navigator 2005 release onwards

Firefox 2005 release onwards



Opera Mini

Mobile Platform Default Browsers

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