Global Test Case Certification

    Global Test Case Certification is a process of ensuring that the particular software platform performs well in the required locales and culture, takes into consideration all types of international inputs to effectively make the product globally usable. Global test case certification comprises of localization and internationalization. Internationalization makes the product virtually usable for any region.
    Global Test Case Certification ensures that a product operates the same in different locations as it works in the native. The most common problem with the globalization generally relates to non-Latin Languages that use different characters such as Japanese or Cyrillic. This kind of testing makes sure that your global product can be translated effectively into any languages you want, thereby sustaining your standards in the global markets.

    One of the serious and trivial pain points of implementing software applications is the consistency across the application and all configurations are working. Prime Testing had developed around 40 Point checklists to ensure and improve user-friendliness in working on the application. Around 40 - 50% of issues posted during UAT are belonging to this category. Some of the checklist items are:

    Tab order

    Spell Check

    Front-end Validations

    Duplicate record insertion due to front-end multi operations

    Master data deletion when it is used in transactions and result in screen crashes

    Mandatory Field Validations

    Session related checks

    Data Type Validations

    SQL Injections etc.

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