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Multi Device Access Certification

Multi Device Access Certification is a non-functional testing to ensure customer satisfaction. It is to ensure that whether your software application or product is proficient enough to run in different browsers, database, hardware, Operating system, mobile devices and networks. Applications could also impact due to different version, resolution, internet speed and configuration etc. Hence it is important to test the software applications in all possible manners to reduce failures and bug’s leakage.
Multi Device Access Certification is performed to check the application working in same way for all platforms. Usually development team and testing team, test the software application in a single platform. But the application is released in the production, customer may test our product in different platform and they may find bugs in the application which reduces the quality of the software. To reduce such issues and increases your customer’s confidence, it is important to test the applications in all platforms.

Prime Testing being an associate member of large Software Development House who is Microsoft Royalty and ISV, has expertise in Certifying the Architecture of the Software Solution. Software Architecture plays very crucial role on the sustainability and High Availability of the Software Application.

Architecture for the type of software getting implemented

Security routines for enabling the software through multiple channels - for which Architecture is most important

Performance and Scalability are heavily depending on Architecture

Integration with other Applications

Interface to Other Portals / APIs

Database Base Access Credibility

Prime Testing has very comprehensive methodology in certifying the software application on the required Devices. Prime Testing will also certify on Load testing on these devices and provide results on performance over these devices.

Ajax Controls

Third Party Controls used in the software

Flash and other type of plug-ins including video / audio players etc.


Various Menus

Operating Systems












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