On cloud Testing:

On Cloud Testing is a means of testing cloud-based applications that use resources found in the cloud. By resources, we mean any element (hardware, software and infrastructure) is necessary to carry out the tests. For Cloud testing provides an end-to-end solution that transforms the way, testing is done and helps the organization to boost its competitiveness by reducing the cost of testing without negatively impacting mission-critical production applications. By leveraging a cloud computing solution for testing, organizations can shorten the provisioning time because the cloud enables provisioning of test servers on demand. This helps ensure unused servers are not sitting idle.

How and where to test?

On Cloud testing services provided by SunSmart assure a high level of coverage and they also represent the end user environment of the application. This is due to the fact that devices which the application is expected to be run on, whether they are computers, tablets, smart phones or other devices are easily available or easily simulated.
As the industry is moving towards cloud enabled applications, it is all the more important to automate the software testing over the cloud. Prime Testing has expertise in delivering and Testing Software Applications over Cloud. Following activities are taken care:

Certification on Security over Internet Access

Operating System and Database Compliance Certification

Performance & Scalability Certification - for the Current volume and projections

Certification for multi-browser working of the software (from IE 6.0 onwards, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Firefox from 2005 release onwards, Chrome, Mobile Browsers like Standard Mobile Browser, Opera Mini etc.)

Certification on accessibility of the software solution For different devices like Tablets, iPads, Smartphone, Laptops, Desktops etc.

Functional Test Case Certification

Global Test Case Certification

On Cloud Certification

Security Audit

Also, there may be requirements for interfacing the software with external Portals or APIs or Web Services. Generally, there are issues with the consistency of these interfacings. Prime Testing will provide an automated test environment to ensure these processes are in "Good Health Condition" and exceptions are automatically escalated.

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