OS & DB Compliance

    OS & DB Compliance is a type of software testing used to ensure the compatibility of the system / application / website built with various other objects such as other web browsers, hardware platforms, users, operating systems etc., Compliance testing helps to find out, how well a system performs in a particular environment that includes hardware, network, operating system and other software etc.,
    It is basically the testing of the application or the product built with the computing environment. It tests whether the application or the software product built is compatible with the hardware, operating system, database server, or other system software or not.

    Prime Testing has years of experience in certifying the software solutions for their Operating System and Database Compatibilities.

    We certify applications for

    All Editions of MS SQL Express

    All Editions of Oracle / Power Builder etc.

    Any Desktop and Server Editions of Microsoft

    All Editions of Microsoft SQL Server

    All Editions of MySQL

    Linux - All editions


    100 % Web based

    Flat 6 Weeks Go Live

    Focused & Realistic Approach

    Highly Configurable and DB Driven

    Multi Company / Multi Lingual Enabled

    All Browser Supported & Latest Technology

    Access from Tablets, Smart Phones,iPAD etc.

    Hybrid mobile app for all smart phones / tablets.


    Audit Trail Enabled

    Business Dashboards

    Report Generation Tool

    Graphical & Data based Reports

    Email & SMS 2 way (Push/Pull) Integration

    Microsoft Certified—Performance / Scalability

    Key Functions

    Work Flow / Notifications / Alerts / Escalation

    Inbound / Out call centre—IVR integration

    Lead Management | Targets | Incentives

    Channel Partner | Contact & Activity

    Collation of Leads for Multi-channel

    Customer Relationship Management

    Commissions & Trail Commissions

    Email & SMS Campaigns

    Electronic Application Processing

    Campaign & Event Management

    3600 view incident management

    Expense/Claims Management

    Social Media Integration

    Auto Lead Generation

    Customer onboarding

    KYC Management

    Knowledge Base

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