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Performance & Scalability

Performance Testing is a part of Quality Assurance and involves a testing software in order to make sure that the product is performing well and it meets all the expectations even under the critical conditions. As a non-functional type of testing, it allows the testers establish how efficient the response of the application is in the worst place scenarios. Performance Testing mainly focuses on speed, scalability and stability.
How fast the application responds in the worst conditions? How much user load, it can handle? & how stable it is under different loads are questions that performance testing needs to find answers for these questions.
The purpose of performance testing is to enhance the user experience and boost the revenue, determine the difference between expectations and real performance and to establish when the product is ready for production.

Performance & Scalability are very essential requirements for the sustainable software solutions. Most of the enterprise customers are facing this challenge irrespective of vendor or type of software. This results into delays in Go Live and post Live, Reliability and Credibility issues. Further, the common practice is first time delivery will be undergoing strenuous testing on performance, but subsequent releases will result into Performance Problems. From the Corporate perspective, Time taken for such certifications and Cost towards such certifications are deterrent factors. At Prime Testing, we understand the Customer Perspective and Criticality of this Process and hence came with this niche service:

Create Permanent Software Performance & Scalability (PSPS) Centre for the customer. First time takes significant time lines for setting up the Centre, but on subsequent releases results are out in hours. Configurable at any point of time.

Certifying the software for the current concurrent user load

Certifying the software for the future projected load

Certifying the Software for the scalability factor based on future projections

Load Testing

Stress Testing

Volume Testing

Soak Testing

Scalability Testing and Capacity Planning

Performance Code Reviews/Profiling

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