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Security Audit

Business websites and applications are interface points for most of the business in the online world. Their role in the entire business workflow has become critical. However, the hacking incidents have become one of the major concerns of the business world. To safeguard the application and increases the confidentiality of clients in them, an in-depth security testing of business applications is a must.
Prime Testing offers highly reliable security testing services to clients, identifying potential vulnerabilities in their products or applications, and safeguarding the critical data in these applications. SunSmart helps the clients to understand, analyze and acts on security vulnerability at the right time before an attacker exploits them.
Prime Testing is one of the very few niche players in the area of Software Code Security Vulnerability Audit and Web Application Security Audit. Prime Testing will carry out:-
Passive Information Gathering
We will manually interrogate the web application to understand the application's logic. Various testing tools are used for information gathering such as an HTTP proxy to observe all the HTTP requests and responses. The objective of the passive phase is to understand all the access points (gates) of the application (e.g., HTTP headers, parameters, and cookies). Information Gathering is a vital part of any web application security assessment.

Authorization Testing

Authentication Testing

Business Logic Testing

Session Management Testing

Configuration Management Testing

Denial of Service Testing

Data Validation Testing

Web Services Testing

SQL Injection

Ajax Testing

Some of the key benefits of working with Prime Testing for security audit are:

Dedicated team of security testing experts comprising architects and analysts.

Extensive experience in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of applications.

Expertise across all key technology includes .NET, J2EE etc.,

Specialized expertise in complementing segments including Banking, Financial services, Insurance, securities, Manufacturing, Health care & life sciences.

Extensive security test coverage with excellent tracking facilities.

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