5 Smart ways to protect your facility with Aditi- Visitor Management System

Any business is an ecosystem of assets like facilities, Salesforce, workforce, vendors and customers working in unison towards buying, selling and managing products or services. Ensuring safety and authorized access to its tangible and intangible assets is a compelling need for all corporate entities.

5 Smart ways to protect your facility with Aditi-Visitor Management System

Challenges involved in Security Management:

Facility Security Management is responsible to monitor and prevent any unauthorized entry, theft or damages.  Despite security cameras installed on-site, there are incidents of unwarranted entries and property lost.

Listed below are some of the possible unauthorized entries into any company premise which demand special attention from Security Management:

  • Buddy punching – One employee uses access card of another employee to gain access
  • Tail gating – Employees get their friends carelessly into secure facility
  • External sales people enter company premises soliciting to sell their products/services
  • Vendors without any identities delivering goods
  • Job interview candidates straying to unauthorized zones
  • Clients visiting the facility without advance notice
  • Mail deliveries to employees

Aditi – Visitor Management Software has smart ways to protect your facility with its advanced security features.

Aditi is a web based visitor management software for tracking visitors to your sites and provides updates on real time. It is developed with the latest technology and can be deployed both on-cloud and on-premise.

Five smart ways on how Aditi protects your facility

  • Aditi can screen, track and report visitors on site

The visitors have to show their identity and invite request from the company. The system also has Kiosk facility for the visitors to make an invite request. It maps the visitor to the expected list and makes sure they are not on the watch list.  The system also sends arrival notifications to the host through email/SMS.

This prevents any unauthorized entry into the facility.

  • Provides Visitor Badges on arrival

Aditi supports validating and printing Visitor Badges on arrival at the front desk. Companies can customize their own templates and Aditi can also print them with barcode / QR code as desired.

These badges act as trackers and ensure that the visitors do not overstay. In such cases it sends notifications to the host recommending their guest’s exit or suggests making a request to extend their stay.

This enables the managers or security supervisors to have real time data on people inside the facility.

  • Offers multi-lingual support

Aditi supports 162 languages and can integrate multiple facilities to provide smart security to work locations. Security personnel can monitor activities of different locations on a single dashboard.

  • Multiple device support and Integrations

Aditi VMS is compatible with operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and supports smartphones, iPad, tablets etc., It is also integrated to maps and social media.

Aditi can send meeting invites for the guests with pre-registered profiles. Visitor profiles can be easily created in Aditi. The invites are sent to their e-mails with details about their visit.

  • Violations notification

The Visitor Management System alerts any invalid identities. The visitors overstayed without proper permissions are notified to the Security Manager and the host. The VMS tracking system also alerts any security violations in the facility based on operational policies.

Aditi offers advanced security features with its latest technology to your company and warehouses.

You can control and monitor your company through Aditi’s distinguished dashboard with real time data.

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