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nTireLegal helps in maintaining the uniformity of data, reduce time lag and ingeneral allow effective control and monitoring of all legal affairs as per global standards. Central Office Legal Department will have overall control over of all the litigations handled so that the status of any case at any point of time will be available with in mouse clicks. nTireLegal completely manages all the Static Documents, Workflow based Documents Legal Cases & Matters concerned in a single view, using the best technology and delivering value to the customers. nTireLegal is accessible across all devices like iPAD,Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops and PCs. nTireLegal is certified for access across all standard browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Default Mobile Browsers etc.


✓ Document Management ✓ Link Cases / Case Diary ✓ Workflow Management ✓ Access Rights / Search

✓ Client Communications ✓ Audit Trail / E-Library ✓ Activity Management ✓ Compliance Tracking

✓ Expenses / Invoicing ✓ Workflow / Calendar ✓ Tasks Management ✓ Case Management ✓ Transfer Cases

✓ Custom Fields ✓ Legal Opinion ✓ Appointment ✓ Finance Integration ✓ Export Reports ✓ Scan with OCR—e-text

✓ Knowledgebase ✓ Contacts / Notes ✓ Activity Tracking ✓ Mobile Integration ✓ Email / SMS alerts

✓ Analytical Reports ✓ Business Dashboard ✓ Deadlines ✓ Reports—Graph & Data - Excel, PDF, Word etc.


Entities Management – Creation of any types of entities and their base information.

Documents – Static and Dynamic Documents for each entity. Retrieve easily with Meta keyword search. Workflow Enabled.

Case & Matter Management – Manage all case and matter information in one place. Calendaring both online and MS Outlook tracks the dates.

Courts, Sub-Courts, Case Types / Matters, Case Processes, Lawyers, etc. are managed in once place.

Against Every case, manage Activities, Reminders, Free Notes, Communications, Manage all processes right from Legal Notice to Settlement etc.

Claims Management tracks complete Legal Spend.

Knowledge Centre – for handling all Court Rules & Laws, Quick search on closed references etc.

Graphical and Data Reports with metrics helps in forecast and Legal Department staff will locate matters with a specified status at the click of a button.

Legal Case Management Software Saudi Advantage

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