MAPS - Mobile Aided Product Support

    MyProduct is not just about customer incidents or sales campaigns, but to ensure customer needs are easily addressed 24X7 self service on any channels.
    With the Internet of Things on a full swing, the number of mobile devices is taking over the total human population. The revolution in the Internet Technology makes the data on mobile affordable to everyone which is further accelerated by Social Media platforms. It is very important for sustained growth of any organization to have a noticeable presence in this space for retaining customers and adding new customers.
    Rather than developing the tailor made solutions which may not deliver the expected solution, it is worth acquiring a ready build product with international exposure and tweek the same for speedy implementation thereby saving opportunity costs and early venturing into new space.
    Needs of Retail Customers are different from Corporate Customers and you require a solution that will address the needs of these clients, in addition to building a sustainable platform for branding, customer sentiment gathering, sales augmentation with a prime focus on Customer Service.
    With the technology advancement, many activities are performed with ease on mobile devices rather than websites and we constructed "MyProduct" based on the above facts and concepts.
    The Unique Hybrid Mobile Application with all the features and functions of Native Mobile Applications, helps enterprise companies in keeping their customers happy with parallel branding, sales augmentation and customer sentiment tracking. MyProduct substantially reduces the Operation Cost with its "self service" approach.
    MyProduct is a new Platform for all your future expansions on the Mobile Front which can be easily customized for any changes or additional functionalities quickly.
    MyProduct has a well established Admin Portal using which we can seamlessly integrate the application with ERP, CRM and other mission critical software running with the Company for two & fro data sharing using secured APIs. MyProduct Admin Portal has a number of functionalities for managing the operational requirements of the customers, publishing Banners, Offers, Push Notifications, WhatsAPP posting, Social Media Posting etc.
    Myproduct being a Hybrid mobile with all native features and developer using a blend of technologies can be deployed immediately and is customizable within the shortest time span. You can GoLive on all platforms on day 1 and reduces the Maintenance cost and future change costs deeply.
    • MEAN Stack
    • Angular.JS
    • Node.JS
    • HTML 5.0
    • Bootstrap
    • CSS3
    • IONIC Framework 2.0
    • MYSQL / MS SQL / Firebase
    • Available on Android, IOS, Windows
    • Supports any Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, etc
    • Responsive for large screens
    • Push Notifications
    • 162+ Language Support
    • Offline capabilities
    • Configurable Data Sheets
    • OTP authentication for Customer identification
    • Supports Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads, iPhones
    • Geo Location Tagging, Camera functionalities
    • 162+ Languages Supported
    • Supports Android, IOS, Windows
    • Supports Desktops & Laptops as web portal
    • Generates Barcode / QR Code for the form

    100 % Web based

    Flat 6 Weeks Go Live

    Focused & Realistic Approach

    Highly Configurable and DB Driven

    Multi Company / Multi Lingual Enabled

    All Browser Supported & Latest Technology

    Access from Tablets, Smart Phones,iPAD etc.

    Hybrid mobile app for all smart phones / tablets.


    Audit Trail Enabled

    Business Dashboards

    Report Generation Tool

    Graphical & Data based Reports

    Email & SMS 2 way (Push/Pull) Integration

    Microsoft Certified—Performance / Scalability

    Key Functions

    Work Flow / Notifications / Alerts / Escalation

    Inbound / Out call centre—IVR integration

    Lead Management | Targets | Incentives

    Channel Partner | Contact & Activity

    Collation of Leads for Multi-channel

    Customer Relationship Management

    Commissions & Trail Commissions

    Email & SMS Campaigns

    Electronic Application Processing

    Campaign & Event Management

    3600 view incident management

    Expense/Claims Management

    Social Media Integration

    Auto Lead Generation

    Customer onboarding

    KYC Management

    Knowledge Base

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