Choosing the right CRM Software that best fit for your needs by improving their business operations from real-time data to standardized customer information. With so many options available with a different set of tools, you can easily identifies the right one for your Organization.

CRM Software

CRM Software is the business tool to manage, measure and grow those relationships at scale. This software module helps to stay connected with your customers and empowers your team to be productive. Manages the contact and sales info in a single platform, where every interaction is an opportunity to learn new things about them.

Every business requires different criteria when it comes to CRM Software. We have tried to accommodate by selecting the key elements to represent the requirements by the customer. When Purchasing phase reaches, need to do with confidence in your own choice, with an informed decision making.

Understand about the CRM System

22% of the sales professionals are not aware about the CRM Software. If you are the business owner, doesn’t have idea about CRM. You have to know about the whole functions and how it helps for your business. CRM software is generally used by the sales team to close their deals.

Know your business requirements

Business requirements means some of the features and tools integrates in a single software. Some of the challenges face when you’re experiencing the software are:

  • Difficult to find the customer data
  • Poor client communication
  • Inability to create or retain loyal customers
  • Longer sales cycle
  • Poor visibility into their performance

Study about the types of CRM to examine which is best

The basic operational CRM System that offers a common platform and has basic operations to manage the sales, marketing and support units. Addresses the issue of finding the customer information since all the units are integrated in a single centralized database, when it comes for the finding the contact details and customer data.

With an operational CRM module, you can leverage 3 main functions:
  • Sales Force Automation – helps to analyze the lead to customer cycle
  • Marketing Automation – streamlines the marketing process and campaigns
  • Service Automation – manages the customer service and support

This can be ideal CRM Software solution, if you are looking for basic CRM applications.

Analytical CRM helps to analyze customer data using advanced technologies such as pattern recognition and data mining. Offers in-depth knowledge about the customer buying behavior pattern and purchasing trends.

Collaborative CRM

Facilitates communication and shares customer information between internal and external stakeholders.

You can decide any kind of CRM that can match your requirements.

Overview of Software Feature

This stage requires some extra effort to do research. Some of the factors are highly available, when we review about any type of software. Includes

  • Collaboration features
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Help & support

Depends on the above factors, we can able to score software and comes with a satisfaction rating using a certain algorithm.

What are the CRM features should consider?

There are some important features, you should look for. Competitors may have similar features offered in their products. Ensure some of the tools are equipped with the CRM software are:

Lead Management – Manages the leads across the entire lifecycle from prospects to lead conversion

Contact Management – Contact Management

Automation – Automates leads and sales tasks, processes and workflows

Campaign Management – Create and deliver the campaigns & measures their effectiveness

Email Tracking– Tracks the mail campaigns through clicks and opens

Social Media Management – Gain insights on audience interaction through social media

Dashboards & Reports– Manages the real-time reports, customer trends and behavior

Mobile Apps – CRM Software versions can access on iOS and Android devices

There may be advanced tools and features depends on the pricing plan and packages.

Cost Consideration

How much cost does the CRM Software incurred? Price varies depends on the subscription plan and deployment methods, also offers SaaS has become quite affordable.

Cost is major consideration for startups, hence they can start off with free trial to enhance their business, later they can upgrade to paid solutions when they grow.

Analyze about the vendor

To analyze about the Software Company is more important than software. Because you will be consulting with the company for their support and assistance until the usage of software from them. Software provider must be reliable and dependable. Vendor should be available at all times during escalations from all available channels such as phone, email, tickets, social media, mobile etc.,

They should provide some training and assistance before implementing this product through in-house seminars, webinars or online courses. Provides product materials, resources and knowledge with complete documentation, answers to FAQ’s, tutorials and guides.

With the reputed companies, you’ll be guaranteed customer support, prompt response, automatic updates and new features updates. How to verify the reputation of a vendor? You can analyze information through software directory sites and vendor profiles.

You can gain the reputation information from other’s experience. You can browse through user comments and feedback in social media & online community forums.

Take the software for a test drive

After analyzing the above steps, it’s time to experience the software and features by your own. Most of the CRM Solutions vendor offers full featured trials of their software. We SunSmart highly recommends you to comfort with our software and see its easy navigation. This is the best way to meet your expectations and best fits for your needs.


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