LinkUS - Invented Solution - Enterprise Private Messaging Platform

    LinkUS - The private enterprise messaging app helps large enterprises in securely communicating within the organization and among their customers & suppliers. LinkUS helps in faster and secured communication with easiness across the organization. LinkUS is Very light and is available on web, Android and iOS based devices.

    Some of the unit functionality is off LinkUS includes:

    1.Data is stored completely private, secured and encrypted within the data center of the corporate.
    2.LinkUS supports Active Directory and LDAP. With this all employees are on boarded into linkas seamlessly. Further LinkUS got ready built, API for integrating with applications like HRMS for on boarding of employees.
    3.You can create any number of groups in LinkUS. Further there is no limitation on the number of users in your group.
    4.LinkUS comes with real time language translator, so that the users can view the content in their preferred language dynamically. Similarly, when user types in their preferred language, LinkUS does auto translation 2 other people based on their language preference.
    5.LinkUS has got ready built API and this will help any applications within the enterprise can post their notifications, alerts, escalations on links.
    6.LinkUS has got unique concept called Open groups. These open groups help people in posting their queries and get them answered instantly. For example, People can take the picture and send it to the service group for get their problem addressed quickly related to their IT assets, etc. Another example is. Whenever the sales team, visit the customer any queries from the customers, which cannot be addressed by them can be posted on the Sales support open group and get the answer instantly, and pass on to the customer.
    7.Self-destructive message is a novice concept where in the messages, which are sent under this label will automatically disappear once the recipient read the message.
    8.Users can share Text, smiley's, audio, video, camera photo, real-time camera picture, any files any LinkUS.
    9.When the user is added part of the group in between, based on the profile of the user, You can grant rights for viewing all conversations of the group right from the beginning.
    10.LinkUS is secured. All messages are encrypted. All the files are encrypted and are viewable only on the LinkUS app.
    11.When the user is inactive on the Active Directory or LDAP, the data is self, destructive on their personal mobile phones. This ensures prevention of data utilization even after the service of the employee.
    12.LinkUS can be customized to update any database based on the text of the users.
    13.LinkUS can be integrated with any of your existing applications for dynamic creation of your branches, locations, etc. All the users belong to these branches or locations are by default available under LinkUS seamlessly.
    14.LinkUS has Back office module using which you can control the users, groups, conversations and monitor their utilization of network bandwidth.
    6 - 8 weeks' implementation
    Web, Mobile & Tablets Versions Available
    Supports any OS - Windows, IOS, Mac, Linux, Android
    Supports any device from any brand / market


    • Create as many groups as you want
    • Share text, images, files, locations, voice MSG etc.
    • Supports any scanner with image management options
    • Customize LinkUs for any notification / escalations from any of your applications
    • Web Edition for easy managing of conversations
    • OTP for Secured Login | Customizable Emojis
    • Encrypted data across conversations
    • Data stored on your Data Center or Controlled Private Cloud owned by you
    • Click and share images, monitor and track the milestones, Huddles MOM etc
    • Deactivate any users / remove users from groups. On removal data is wiped out from the devices
    • Send Self Destructive Messages, which will be automatically removed
    • Post reading. No Trace of the message to the users
    • Multi Lingual, Supports to 162+ Languages
    • Push Notifications on Alerts / Reminders / Escalations on LinkUs from your internal applications
    • Track Delivery and Read Status

    100 % Web based

    Flat 6 Weeks Go Live

    Focused & Realistic Approach

    Highly Configurable and DB Driven

    Multi Company / Multi Lingual Enabled

    All Browser Supported & Latest Technology

    Access from Tablets, Smart Phones,iPAD etc.

    Hybrid mobile app for all smart phones / tablets.


    Audit Trail Enabled

    Business Dashboards

    Report Generation Tool

    Graphical & Data based Reports

    Email & SMS 2 way (Push/Pull) Integration

    Microsoft Certified—Performance / Scalability

    Key Functions

    Work Flow / Notifications / Alerts / Escalation

    Inbound / Out call centre—IVR integration

    Lead Management | Targets | Incentives

    Channel Partner | Contact & Activity

    Collation of Leads for Multi-channel

    Customer Relationship Management

    Commissions & Trail Commissions

    Email & SMS Campaigns

    Electronic Application Processing

    Campaign & Event Management

    3600 view incident management

    Expense/Claims Management

    Social Media Integration

    Auto Lead Generation

    Customer onboarding

    KYC Management

    Knowledge Base

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