Aditi - Visitor Management app

    Aditi One of the India's best Cloud-based most advanced Visitor Entrance & Tracking Management Software is developed with the latest Technology blend involving HTML 5.0, ASP.Net 2015, C#, Angular JS and Ajax. Aditi can be instantly activated on a Cloud and is available on both Private Cloud, SaaS Model (with economical investment) and installed in your Premises.
    Aditi - Supports validating & printing badges for visitors on arrival at the Front-Desk, Kiosk based registration of visitors and Pre-Appointment Visitors. You can design your own Badge Template and within a click the same can be printed with barcode.
    It sends meeting invites, prints visitor passes and notifies the host when the guest arrive. It allows organizations to automatically track visitors and employees for enhanced security and safety whilst being administered from one centralized location.
    Aditi has facility to scan the photo ID or business card of an arriving visitor then instantly check whether the visitor is expected or has been in the facility before and make sure the visitor is not on a watch list. In additional, you can turn-on the optional OTP (One Time Password on Text /SMS) to authenticate the visitor over his mobile. These quick and consistent checks ensure that only the right people are allowed on site. After scanning the information, the Visitor Management System will take a digital photo or capture the visitor's signature. The Visitor Management System will then automatically contact the visitors host by e-mail or with a real time network messaging to announce the visit.
    Alternatively, the visitor can register himself/herself on the Kiosk. Once it is approved by the Host, they will be getting the message on mobile. Then the Front-desk or the KIOSK can print the badge for the visitor. Visitors can also register using the website for a pre-authorized entry. On approved by the host, visitor will be getting the Visit Passover Email as PDF Attachment with a barcode, which the visitor can show in the Front-Desk or Gate to secure entry.
    Once the visitor is registered, an individualized badge will be generated. Specific visit restrictions may be set, such as clearance level, access area or visit expiry time. At the end of the visit, the system will sign out the visitor with the barcode. If the visitor does not sign out, the system throws the alert and notifies the host who in turn either can extend the visitor stay or can intimate his exit.
    This simple yet powerful visitor registration process forms the basis of a very powerful security platform. Registering all visitors through the Visitor Management System ensures that the client will have a centralized and complete record of the visitor traffic, strengthen visitor security, improve productivity and service to the customers.
    The solution can stand alone or integrate with existing business systems and access control systems. This reduces duplicate or redundant information and the likelihood of human error for example, granting of access to banned persons.
    • MEAN Stack
    • Angular.JS
    • Node.JS
    • HTML 5.0
    • Bootstrap
    • CSS3
    • IONIC Framework 2.0
    • MYSQL / MS SQL / Firebase
    • Available on Android, IOS, Windows
    • Supports any Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, etc
    • Responsive for large screens
    • Push Notifications
    • 162+ Language Support
    • Offline capabilities
    • Configurable Data Sheets
    • OTP authentication for Customer identification
    • Supports Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads, iPhones
    • Geo Location Tagging, Camera functionalities
    • 162+ Languages Supported
    • Supports Android, IOS, Windows
    • Supports Desktops & Laptops as web portal
    • Generates Barcode / QR Code for the form

    100 % Web based

    Flat 6 Weeks Go Live

    Focused & Realistic Approach

    Highly Configurable and DB Driven

    Multi Company / Multi Lingual Enabled

    All Browser Supported & Latest Technology

    Access from Tablets, Smart Phones,iPAD etc.

    Hybrid mobile app for all smart phones / tablets.


    Audit Trail Enabled

    Business Dashboards

    Report Generation Tool

    Graphical & Data based Reports

    Email & SMS 2 way (Push/Pull) Integration

    Microsoft Certified—Performance / Scalability

    Key Functions

    Work Flow / Notifications / Alerts / Escalation

    Inbound / Out call centre—IVR integration

    Lead Management | Targets | Incentives

    Channel Partner | Contact & Activity

    Collation of Leads for Multi-channel

    Customer Relationship Management

    Commissions & Trail Commissions

    Email & SMS Campaigns

    Electronic Application Processing

    Campaign & Event Management

    3600 view incident management

    Expense/Claims Management

    Social Media Integration

    Auto Lead Generation

    Customer onboarding

    KYC Management

    Knowledge Base

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