Lawyers across the world in the past few months have been hit with the enormous tide of cases dealing with various legal matters, this comes to the wake owing to the magnitude of disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic.

legal management software

nTireLegal is a well-defined and well-researched software developed to address all client-specific issues and facilitate a seamless integration at client’s end. This will help the Legal Department have overall control over all the litigation’s handled so that the status of any case at any point in time will be available with a mouse click. It allows legal professionals to organize and quickly access all legal documents in an electronically stored form.

The advancement of consolidated case & practice management systems has changed the face of legal practices and their performance. Investment in Legal Management Software like nTireLegal has been increasing tremendously and it is likely to continue in the future years to come. These software applications are designed to manage both business and individual legal issues, offering huge potential to optimize efficiency, enhance processes, and provide better management of legal services.


Functions and Features of Legal Management Software

Entity management and client management

Legal Management Software can help organizations create a central repository of information to manage its data and documents in a centralized and digitized format. Having data in a centralized database and documents in a Meta keyword searchable and retrievable format allows an organization to get a complete and comprehensive view of all of its entity information. More importantly, it provides secure access to these records.

  • Add/delete/edit client details
  • View client details like phone, email id, address
  • Status of client and reference information
  • Graphical and data reports with metrics

Case & Matter Management

Our Legal Case Management Software can store client wise case-related data like: Case Number., related Court, Folio Number, Office File No., First Appearance Date, related case files and related contact person etc. User can search cases, export list, view, all related documents, Mails, Updates and view all accessed reports with ease

  • Add/delete/update case hearings
  • Updates on next hearing date
  • Case status, case history, transfer history
  • Case listings and hearing date remarks
  • Compliance and audit tracking

Court Date and Appointment Management

It will send you today’s and upcoming schedules of court date and application dates. Upcoming case schedules or appointments can also be uploaded and be tracked by the office e-mail server

  • Prefilled court case details
  • Add/update/delete appointment
  • Case listings and appointment status
  • Work flow and date wise listings
  • Advocate details

Expense Management

All expenses related to cases like court fees, stamp duty, and other miscellaneous expenses can be recorded and tracked. These expenses go for approval to the designated authority and if approved, then these expenses can be presented for case billing and associate’s payment. A statement of consolidated expenses can also be downloaded that may have occurred a specific case or client.

  • Invoice generation
  • Consolidated bill
  • Statement of account
  • Expense statement

Document Management and Dashboard

Helps in the management and storing of thousands of paper files electronically. Legal Management Software also helps to store, retrieve and share your files with just a click. All documents are stored securely on cloud server so you can access and study these files from anywhere. You can also share these files using integrated mail facility with clients, associates or with any other consultants with admin approval

  • Analytical reports
  • Finance integration
  • Export reports
  • Scan with OCR
  • Access rights

Notifications and Knowledge Center

Allows users to create reminders for meetings or any other important assignments. Users can add any number of associates for group scheduling. After a successful schedule creation, each individual gets a mail and SMS. Law firm software will remind you and associated group members regarding schedules of court appointments, hearing dates, meeting with clients via Mail, SMS, and push notifications. It can also help manage all processes right from the Legal Notice of Settlement etc.

  • Send Group messages with a single click
  • Notifications on upcoming appointments and hearings
  • Reminder on missed client meetings and court schedules
  • Quick search on court rules and laws

Cloud Base and Multi-User Authentication

Legal Management System is equipped with centralized data base and web based technology on cloud server so it is accessible across the globe and you can access information from anywhere in any court of the World. It is built with multiple user type like Admin, Accounts, Associates and Others. For each user, a separate login can be created with user authentication by OTP.

  • Roles creation on requirement
  • Task assigning to staffs
  • Easy anywhere accessibility 24*7
  • Secured login
  • Can view updates and approved work of team members

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