Customer onboarding is ultimately a onetime target that requires a bull’s eye hit every time it is done. Customer onboarding software platform is a piece of software that is developed in order to make this process less hectic. A better onboarding experience can even double the conversion rate. Most importantly, customer onboarding process sets a unique tone for a particular business.

customer onboarding

What is customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding is the initial step of the customer journey once they begin using a product or service. This is the deciding phase of customer relationship with the product or brand.

The onboarding process is meant to showcase whatever your offerings are. You figure out where they need to get to, and you reverse engineer the process to get there.The user or the customer, depending on what you’re measuring.

Why is Customer onboarding important?

The importance of customer onboarding can be rather obvious. The customer onboarding is a crucial process of delivering what has been agreed upon to be delivered seamlessly. So a better customer onboarding eventually results in ensuring happy customers and develops trust in a brand or service. So that there will be a Sky-high retention rate.

One way to optimize onboarding in today’s digital workplace is through a customer onboarding software platform. The onboarding platforms automate various aspects of the onboarding process, such as software training and correspondence.

COBA – Customer Onboarding Software Platform

COBA – is a Unique Mobility Platform for Customer Master Data Management. With COBA you can configure dynamically the set of data that need to be collected. Our unique customer onboarding software solutions gives you a 360-degree view of Customers and all their data. We have developed this masterpiece in order to help you take that Bulls eye hit on every customer onboarding cycle. A unique dashboard provides you with comprehensive yet detailed information on all your customers’ data.

COBA can be conveniently accessed across all the devices and display sizes. This makes you handle the onboarding process effortlessly. Also profiling can be done by identifying the customers before publishing.

Customer retention

They come back again and again for more because COBA collects structured data of your customers from time-to-time and make them available at a single location for your review for taking informed decisions.

360-degree view of customers has these data shown in a structured way for displaying of their relationship with you that includes Account Level Relationships, Transactional Data, and List of their communications, incidents, and opportunities among the master data of them.

Unique features of COBA

  • COBA has got a well-established Customer Master data derived out of your core systems with the relationship manager attached to them.
  • COBA can be used to create various customer data gathering forms like Customer Onboarding Data, KYC Data, General Data, Family Data etc.
  • You can also create stunning Surveys with start rating options using COBA and gather quick & the instant opinion of your customers seamlessly.
  • Automation using customer onboarding software platform reduces human labor time, enhances onboarding experience, and manages the problems that come alone with onboarding process.
  • Improves customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction
  • Greater revenue — i.e., lifetime value — from successfully on boarded customers
  • Reduced workload for trainers, technical support, or customer service staff

Onboarding through Website

COBA has an onboarding self-service through the website. Today all the channels on onboarding including Aadhar based e-KYC require customers to walk-in to the office branch and wait in queues. This will reduce onboarding cost as customer fills in most of his details, improves data accuracy and customer experience. Multiple Surveys can be done with multiple customers. Simultaneous data gathering against multiple forms for any customer is easy in COBA.

Elimination of Manual, Paper-driven Processes

Companies looking for areas where they are wasting time and money need look no further than the manual and paper-based processes that are creating friction for their payables and billing functions. Digitizing and automating these processes with COBA, will not only reduce costs and increase efficiencies; it will also free up your most valuable assets (your employees) to perform more strategic tasks.

Lead management

COBA helps Sales Team in managing their leads right from creation till successful completion with advanced functionalities like GPS Navigation, Expenses Management, Credit Scoring, AML Check, Dedupe and capturing of all documents with OCR capabilities.

Geo tagging

COBA has NextGen features like Location Fencing & Location Tagging that helps in real-time tracking of team on the field and ensures they meet clients at their designated place and update the status perfectly.

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