The new norm has taken a toll on all of us and our day-to-day lives. Businesses are no exceptions. The whole framework, working style, company policies are taking a roller coaster ride and it is difficult to predict if it can remain the same in the days to come.

assets remotely

The safety of the employees is the top priority for any organization. Today, the majority of businesses are functioning remotely and are adapting and inventing ways to continue with the new work culture.

How can you manage your assets and inventories with a fewer workforce at the premises?

Well! That’s not easy, but possible with nTireCAMS – Asset Management Software

The company assets and inventories can be well maintained in real-time with Asset Management System.

Barcodes/ QR codes/RFID based Asset Tracking

The assets in inventory can be scanned even without the RF guns and just with your smartphones and the asset details transferred to the database. Complete details of the assets can be recorded and maintained without a single touch. No more manual entries spreadsheets or duplicate records. This increases the efficiency and productivity of the workforce.

Preventive/ Predictive/ Reactive Maintenance

Asset maintenance can be automated either time or counter-based and can be notified through SMS or email. Asset Tracking Software maintains the complete life cycle of the assets with its history of usage and ownership. If the asset is under any warranty or it went through any part replacement, everything can be maintained. A proper maintenance schedule can be planned to increase the life span of the asset.

Dashboards and Analytical reports

Based on the requirement, reports can be generated like inventory stock details, IT software assets, plant machinery, data on fixed assets etc., They are very useful in decision making when placing orders with vendors and also during project undertaking.

In the remote working scenarios, these real-time reports save time and effort of the workforce to take appropriate decisions even without visiting the site.

Automate Work orders

The maintenance work orders can be generated automatically from the schedule. This saves enormous human effort on tracking the assets and scheduling maintenance. With the Asset management system, we can set reminders or alerts on any job order so that no activities are planned on the asset.

Easy Asset tracking

CAMS or the Computerized Asset Management System has an excellent tracking facility and hence the assets can be easily tracked and identified. CAMS also allows us to attach any document related to the asset and hence the working manual or any warranty details can be tagged to the asset and maintained. All the assets are given tracker ID and hence monitoring them is lot simpler and easier.

Lower operational cost and Higher ROI

CAMS work on the principle of lower maintenance and higher availability. With all the scheduled maintenance in place, the assets have greater productivity and a higher return on investment.

Transferring the assets between the departments and locations is a lot simpler as the records can be seamlessly transferred with online approvals and verifications. The tracker maintains the history of transfers and hence discovering the assets will be breezy.

Compatible Web-based solution

Enjoy the benefits of the software without even installing anything. This 100% web-based solution is accessible across any LAN, WAN, Intranet and Internet. The solution can be deployed in less than 4 weeks and can be accessed via. Desktops, laptops, iPad, smart phones etc.

Asset and inventory management is lot simpler and faster than any other conventional systems.

During these pandemic times when the safety of the workforce is at stake Fixed Asset Management Software can efficiently manage your assets and yields maximum returns.

To know more on how to implement Asset management system to your existing application or facility, please visit us.

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