Document Management Software takes care of maintaining and organizing all the paper (scanned and uploaded) and digital documents, receipts, invoices, manuals, project documents and other business related materials in a more efficient and secured way. These documents can be tracked easily, retrieved when required and also enables teams to collaborate on the same document without any conflict.

DMS System

They also have a built-in search engine to navigate quickly through the wide range of documents, making it available only for authorized users to access the document.

There are a range of solutions available in the market with variations like deployment, number of users, Volume of data and so on.

There are a range of solutions available in the market with variations like deployment, number of users, Volume of data and so on.

On-Premise Solution

On premise solution is more suitable for companies that deals with confidential customer data or is a big enterprise that can manage the Server and maintenance along with the data back-up. This offers a higher level of security to business and keeps them in direct control of the information. All the information can be made available both online and offline with the proper backup of data and software updates.

Cloud Based Solution

Cloud based software are made available online to your business. Vendors or the Providers takes care of the routine software updates and maintenance. The pricing depends on the features, users and volume of data. Cloud document management are available in monthly and annual packages in a subscription model. Businesses who doesn’t want to spend upfront cost on servers and maintenance can be benefitted with this model. There is no installation required and the backup data is automatically saved in the cloud.

Web based solution

Web based document management software helps in accessing the documents online. It’s a browser based application that can be accessed from anywhere anytime. Data can be maintained centralized on premise or in the cloud based on the demands of the business. Web based application offers more freedom to the team to work from anywhere yet all the information is stored securely. No installation is required to access web based applications and absolutely zero learning curve. Users can start working on the software much faster than any other models.

Document Management Software for Modern business needs

nTireDMS is a web based document management system with all the advanced features of document management that helps to keep the work of your organization in a more structural and efficient way.

Features of Document Management Software

Some of the key features of DMS Software includes,

  • Ability to store different file formats (supports 24 file types)
  • Multilingual Support (supports 162 languages)
  • Meta keyword search
  • OCR – Optical Character Recognition
  • Access control- only the authorized users can access the document
  • Approval workflow – to publish, edit or create document
  • Version Control- to monitor and track changes
  • Compliance tracking- maintaining the documents lifecycle
  • Multi device support – the ability to view and edit documents through web application and mobile App

Document management workflow can be customized to suit to the needs of the business and Document Management Software supports integration to the existing legacy systems.

Benefits of using Document Management Solutions

  • Document Management Softwarehelps businesses to keep track of their documents
  • Receipts, bills and invoices can be scanned and uploaded in to the systems
  • Collaborative tools helps the team to work together on the same document
  • Mobile access helps the employees to approve or edit document on the go
  • Free from paper work and lost documents
  • Access conveniently anytime, anywhere
  • Focus on more revenue generating tasks

The critical assets of the business also includes customer related documents, project documents, compliance tracking and many such documents that needs to kept securely and also easily retrievable.

Document Indexing helps to retrieve data from huge storage with greater accuracy. Meta search keywords helps to fetch data faster and helps to get the job done in a fraction of time than usual.

DMS Software also helps to access project related documents, collaborate, track or share sensitive project related data with greater security. Information leaks or breaches can be avoided as the solution alerts the stake holders and also does not provide access to anyone who is not authorized.

Meta data

Meta data helps in classifying and organizing the document for easy storage and retrieval. Meta data is available in the document that can offer a preview of the document content.

Efficient classification and Retrieval

Every time when a document is created it has to be placed in the appropriate folder otherwise it will be very challenging to retrieve the document. Meta data helps in creating an identity for the document whenever it is created thereby eliminating the possibility of the document getting lost. It also helps in faster retrieval.

Metadata is also a reference point or serves as a keyword for your document. Just like the keywords in the google search metadata helps in the document lookup and can fetch the documents from countless folders and subfolders.

Document Assembly

Document assembly also known as document automation helps in creating new documents from the templates. Even complex documents can be drafted using document automation. The system prompts the user for choices and information that he expects from the documents and designs the final product.

The document template can be customized based on the needs of the business. It can be a text-based invoice or an email sent to clients from outlook. Document assembly reduces the effort spent on creating new documents each time and eliminates the possibility of errors on missing out important components.

Version Control

Version control helps to capture every change in the document. It is very difficult to recreate the lost information and can sometimes be costly and cumbersome task. If the information is very crucial for decision making, then it may lead to serious consequences for business as the information in the previous versions are unknown.

Version control is very important when a team works on single document. It helps to identify the latest version of documents and also shows the actions performed on the previous versions. It is also helpful for auditing and compliance regulations purposes. Complete lifecycle of documents can be obtained through version control.

When more users are working on the same document, version control avoids conflicts and helps the team to view the past versions and also captures the work of the team.

Document Management System like nTireDMS will greatly benefit the organization by saving time and effort of the employees and also by keeping the business audit ready.

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