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Gain Insights from your content with a complete Solution for Document Management Software Dubai

nTireDMS is a software solution that allows to effectively manage storage, distribution of documents and business processes.

Automated Software Solution to organize documents for better workflow

nTireDMS is a 100% web-based, highly scalable, complete solution for managing / publishing all your documents / circulars / processes electronically. Our Document Management Software in UAE is a user-friendly Platform enables you to efficiently and securely manage documents of any type and quickly accessible for all your users. With nTireDMS, you can share the documents with highly end-to-end encrypted, track their reviews & comments. Advanced Search of Documents, Edit (with version (check-in/out) and audit trail), and Approval for release, etc.

Our solution contains web-based UI that performs operations includes File sharing, setting security roles and audits reports. Integrates all advanced modules for team collaboration, workflow management and approvals in a single software solution. Includes administration tools to manage the user roles, access control, detailed logs of activity and automatic setup as well.

How does Document Management Work?

SunSmart Global makes it easy to securely create and collaborate the documents from any device - smart phones, Tablets, Mobile app supports android, iOS, windows and other operating systems. nTireDMS helps you to get content under control, with seamless information authority that directly transfers to business benefits. Get insights from your content with an entire document management system.

With nTireDMS, it enables users to upload the document by scanning the physical document or downloading the digital version. After scanning the documents, the users can index the document with Meta data, enables users to quickly find them by full-text search. nTireDMS is equipped with inbuilt OCR.

We, SunSmart Global Offers Document Management Software Dubai & related services to our clients across the globe. With nTireDMS, you can access all sorts of documents (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, Text, Images, Drawings, Audio, Video Files) and helps to store the documents.

Document Management Software

Benefits of Using Document Management Software

document management software
  • Better Security
  • Document Retrieval
  • Enhance Collaboration
  • Saves Money & Time
  • Green Office
  • 162 Languages supported
  • Water-Marking of Documents
  • Easy Regulatory Compliance
  • Less Storage Space

Features of Document Management System

Version Control

Enables the users to access all changes that other makes in a document and also recovers the older version of documents. Offers an audit trail for the revision and updates of the finalized version.

Security Audit

Security is one of the most important thing in document management software. High level of document encryption and role based access with advanced access rights.

Organized Documents

Categorization, indexing and tagging helps you to find the files quickly. Larger companies have more documents to manage and organized based on the organizational hierarchy.

Document Workflows

Enables users to determine the workflow of documents to their destination. Document workflow includes document routing, automatic creation of records, multi-level approvals, updates records based on documents.


Every business has unique specific requirements that needs to take in consideration. Ideal record management system provides a certain level of customization such as custom fields and reports, Dashboard reports.

Attractive UI

Document is accessible by everyone and software should have attractive UI, which is one of the most important aspect. If the system is harder on eyes, no one will use this transition.
document management software
Choose the best Document Management Software to Perform automate tasks

Favorite Documents' option helps the users to keep in their personal folders for quicker access. Sharing document feature helps to share the documents with other users. Email / SMS Notifications keeps users reminded/ alerted/notified of new documents and any changes to the existing documents.

nTireDMS is top electronic document management system that any organization can use to work more efficiently. The documents are much simpler to organize. Document versions can be distinguished from one another with the use of an EDMS. An EDMS not only keeps track of the many revisions of a certain document, but it also does it sequentially. The issue with ancient documents is that all of the records in a given cabinet are accessible to anyone with access to that cabinet. It is different and capable of offering protection on multiple levels.

Document Viewer

Our Document Management Software has inbuilt Document Viewer which is a browser-based control, helps with live streaming of documents from the server to the client at low bandwidth thereby completely securing the document. Allows the user to access the image of the document without local installation of MS Office / PDF etc. Document Viewer Supports Unicode Based Multi Lingual documents. Around 162 Languages are supported. Document Viewer had got Bookmarking facility to continue the reading.

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Document Management Software

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