Challenges faced by business

Businesses deal with process, sales, compliance regulations, policies, project-related documents, profiles, invoices, bill payments and many other operations both internally and also outside the organization.DMS System

The materials shared during each process differ and some documents are time-bound. Every document demands different access categories and privacy levels. Information security is the top priority of any organization.

The data which is stored securely has to be accessed in sync with the team who are the contributors. Also, if the role changes or if any team member is pulled off from their project, the information sharing and accessing project data should be terminated.

What happens to the data they owned earlier, when they were a part of the team? This can pose greater risk for data leaks or breaches if the project is a critical mission.

On a general note searching data from huge databases is a cumbersome task which takes up time and effort of the workforce. For example: During audits fetching data, invoices, billing information, vendor details etc., will consume a lot of effort and sometimes end up with the search in vain.

nTireDMS offers solution

nTireDMS is enterprise Document Management Software that can work coherently with your business and can be integrated to your system effortlessly.

nTireDMS supports Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Government, Retail, Hotels, Utilities and more.

The salient features of nTireDMS can resolve major glitches in the document management and provides enterprise level security for data.


Challenges nTireDMS solutions
Formats Supports 24 file types
File access Role based view with access rights
Duplicate documents Stops user from creating duplicates
Search document Use filters to speed up search
Languages availability Supports 162 languages
Document uniqueness Water Marking of documents
Data security Masking of data
Document sharing Users can upload multiple files, drag & drop files, or even scan files and publish them with Access rights.
Company Support Multi-company support
Data transfer FTP & Secured FTP
Document download Protection against download, copying or screenshot
Data storage classify, categorize and index all the uploaded documents with custom fields
New Document / Modify document Send notifications through Email/SMS
Document Expiration Alerts Document expiration
Document Version Provides Updated version details
Document reading Book mark to facilitate reading lengthy documents

Document Viewer is an additional feature supported by Document Management System. Document viewer is a browser based control to assist live streaming of documents from the server to client with Read-only access permissions with utmost security. Documents can be shared and viewed without MS office/ PDF installed.


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