Managing real estate property can be a challenging task for property owners. Helps to streamline your rental operations using a dedicated nTireFM. Keep tracking of tenant information, increased focus on analytics and reduced overhead cost by making their decision to go digital.

property management software

Who requires Property Management Software?

  • Real Estate companies
  • Property Owners
  • Tenants
  • Retail

Helps to attract, manage, respond to their request and accounts for all the expenses. nTireFM is emerged to help investors, landlords and property managers to ease communication and stay organized.

What does Rental Management Software do?

The software application is designed to help the property owners, landlords stay organized with their rental properties, tenants, owners, financials and accounts. Additional features include post rental vacancies in the portal, online rent payments, tenant screening etc.,

Main purpose to manage properties:

  • Set and handle rent
  • Market and screen tenants
  • Handles tenant problems
  • Schedule and track maintenance
  • Manage finance and records

How the landlords handle their property Online with more efficient and profitable:


Automation helps to reduce repetitive tasks and saves time. Leads to a reduction of error and usage of paper.

Enhanced Reporting

Helps to understand the implementation of Rental Property Management and improved communication to property owners. Knows the status of rent paid and where the money is left.


Data security plays a major role in Lease management and should be encrypted to alleviate the hack.

Rental Payment Automation

Tenants prefer to pay the rent online, saves a lot of time and money, eliminate the late payments and non-payments of tenants.

Contractor Management

Knows the contractor details, manages invoice and stay on top of repairs and ensures costs are controlled well.


Integrates with other apps and extensions such as marketing, data analysis, yield management, sales, applications etc.,

Mobile application

Through Mobile application, nTireFM helps to access the property, manage inspections, respond to emails and communicate with clients in a comfortable manner.

Compliance Management

Complies with legislation and manages related tasks such as Insurance Expiry dates etc.,


Managers conduct daily meetings and optimize the existing flow in a comfortable manner. Shared team calendar to manage those meetings with the team together.

With our esteemed knowledge, our experts provide customized solutions for real-estate enterprises to manage them through the process of Real Estate Management Software.

Reasons to deploy Commercial Property Management Software

Automates the corporate procedures and includes properties, rental payments and tracking, communication between landlords and tenants.


Managing multiple properties, running a lease process and responding to clients. Leads to miscommunication and other human errors.


Managing the financial records manually is a challenging task. This leads to error and unnecessary stress involved and it’s difficult to remember the exact dates and numbers. By using nTireFM, reminds about the rent payments on the exact dates and decreases the risk of payment delays etc.,

Access to data

Access data from anywhere and it’s available on both web and mobile platforms.

Data Storage

Reduces the risk of losing valuable information and accessing the data from anywhere.

Benefits of customized nTireFM with our software developers

  • Flexible cooperation model
  • Automation in process, backup and security
  • High-quality services
  • Reliable architecture
  • Data Security
  • Robust database

Enables companies to manage their Commercial Property Management from financial accounting to lead generation. A narrow focus on specific topics and have to pay for the usage.

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