LinkUS – Enterprise Private Messaging Platform

Business messaging apps like LinkUS have become the in-practice medium for in-office communication within the organization and among their customers & suppliers. These apps put instant messaging, text messaging, private forums, video calls, file sharing, and sometimes screen sharing, into one hub for collaboration. The result is LinkUS helps in faster and secured communication with easiness across the organization. Now […]

Strategies for Smart Procurement Management

Companies and Industries are occupied with countless business operations every single day. Taking one job from their plate or remove a chunk of workload can accelerate their engines for more productivity. Not all the workflows are structured and hence end up consuming significant man-hours and efforts. Most of these repetitive tasks go unnoticed as the industries still use legacy systems […]

Building Solutions For A Better Legal Management System

Lawyers across the world in the past few months have been hit with the enormous tide of cases dealing with various legal matters, this comes to the wake owing to the magnitude of disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic. nTireLegal is a well-defined and well-researched software developed to address all client-specific issues and facilitate a seamless integration at client’s end. […]

How our Business Process Management Software can help your business

Facing Business challenges due to the current pandemic?? Fear not, we may have the right solution for you! The economy all over the world has been facing an all-time low, but that doesn’t mean we cannot seek help to keep it sustainable. With the right strategies, we can always be prepared for the worst crisis by helping the businesses with […]

5 Smart ways to protect your facility with Visitor Management System

Any business is an ecosystem of assets like facilities, Salesforce, workforce, vendors and customers working in unison towards buying, selling and managing products or services. Ensuring safety and authorized access to its tangible and intangible assets is a compelling need for all corporate entities. Challenges involved in Security Management: Facility Security Management is responsible to monitor and prevent any unauthorized […]

nTireERP – An all-in-One Solution for Your Business

Business performs multiple operations that need to be streamlined to help the organization grow. As the scalability increases so is the need for operational efficiency. ERP Software is a framework that integrates multiple processes for business and structures the workflow. Era of Digitization: The new era of digitization demands more advancement in the usage of business applications and faster information retrieval. […]

Carry sales in your pocket with Sales on Mobile

Sounds like a plan but it is not always simple to accomplish. A lot of ground work is involved and sales teams are always on the go. Salesforce are vital to any business as they are the mediators between products and customers. Every information exchange between them has to be recorded to track the sales progress. Also they have to […]

How Lead Management Software Help for Your Business

Tracking leads is simpler than ever before with nTireLeads, Lead Management Software. Leads are the important assets for the Salesforce. Managing leads and converting them into clients brings revenue to business. But the process involved in the conversion is critical, as there should be continuous flow of information and follow-up between the sales and the potential prospects The critical pain point […]