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Legal Management Software
Digitize your legal operations with nTireLegal

Our Legal Management Software comprises a well-defined, flexible workflow structure that assists with everything from legal advice documents through the case and matter litigation. nTireLegal is a self-intuitive solution with no learning curve for clients across branches.

Legal Case Management Software assists in the uniformity of data, decrease in a time lag, and the overall control and monitoring of all legal matters in accordance with worldwide standards. The Main Office Legal Department will have overall authority over all litigations handled, allowing for instant access to the progress of any case at any time. nTireLegal controls all static documents, workflow-based documents, legal cases, and matters from a single viewpoint, using the best technology and providing value to customers. Our legal management system is equipped with iPads, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and PCs. nTireLegal is certified to access across all basic browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and default mobile browsers.

Analyze end-end case flow, monitor client information, hold legal papers and provide your attorneys to make data-driven judgments. Our smart, user-friendly online legal management software in Ghana allows you to effectively implement your legal firm's matters while promoting accountability and transparency. Get relevant data on monthly caseloads to ensure that your firm's outcomes are reaching your business objectives.

What is Enterprise Legal Management?

Enterprise Legal Management Software includes all of the factors required properly to conduct Legal Operations and completely integrate Legal as a strategic partner to the rest of the organization.

Legal Practice Management Software

Our Legal practice management software integrates legal management, finance, bill payment, as well as client service, to provide you with everything you need to run a successful legal firm.

Legal Management Software

Benefits of Using Legal Management Software

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  • Managing Dates
  • Better Workflow Management
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Legal expenditure
  • Work from anywhere
  • Centralization
  • Organized Client Files
  • Happier clients

Features of Legal Management System

Documents Management

Upload and download all case-related documents to increase collaboration, storage, security, and data linking across multiple cases from anywhere, at any time.

Easy Legal Billing/Invoice

Send professional bills and payment reminders to clients, and invoice information can be viewed for each client. Track how payments are made and generate reports in few seconds.

Clients Management

Add any number of clients along with their personal information. Organize client data in a systematic manner. Match each legal case to a client quickly and accurately.

Legal Searching

Save time by using law firm software to access all regularly ordered searches, with search forms auto-populated.

Sync with the Courts

Case management software will immediately pick up the upcoming hearing date and record. It will also send you an SMS and Email.

Financial Services

Promote a proper cash flow by easily verifying your accounts and providing clients with multiple payment methods.
Legal case management software
A Flexible, Innovative Case Management Software for Lawyers

Get real-time updates into your case flow

Gain complete access to your firm’s ongoing cases, so you know where each case stands. Case flow can be tracked using full case histories and progress reports. Identify any conflicts that may arise as a result of hearing dates coinciding.

Store and Retrieve case documents instantly

Upload all case-related documents to a single location where you can view and retrieve them at any point. Sort and organize them by case, client, court, or type of dispute. Use the search feature in our legal case management software to identify crucial data rapidly.

Simplify legal case & matter management

Develop your team’s to-do list by creating calendar items and tasks, and modify the task's life cycle to fit into your case's flow. Meet case goals, by managing priorities, deadlines, resources, etc. Automate your firm's defined procedures to ensure that you never miss a court deadline. Also, set up notifications for any new developments in the dispute.

Benefits of Legal Management Software
  • With a user-friendly interface, nTireLegal is available in 165 languages support.
  • Claims Management keeps track of all legal expenses.
  • Time spent processing and approving invoices should be reduced.
  • The prediction is aided by graphical and data reports with metrics, and Legal Department workers will discover problems with a specific status at the click of a button.
  • Courts, Sub-Courts, Case Types/Matters, Case Processes, Attorneys, and other entities are all administered in one location.
  • With nTireLegal, requesting an appointment is simple with real-time availability 24/7.
  • Automatically secure and backup information in real-time from anywhere.
  • In Each case, manage Activities, Reminders, Free Notes, Communications, and all processes starting with the Legal Notice of Settlement, etc.
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