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Procurement Management Software
Enhance Supplier Relationship with digital Procurement Management Software

SunSmart Global helps our Clients with nTirePMS – Cloud-Based / On Demand / On Premises Intelligent Procurement Management Software Dubai with inbuilt Supply Chain Management (SCM) that addresses manual works and brings efficiency, speedy response, reduce operational cost. Regulates the buying process, takes complete control of your company procedures, saves lot of time and money with our procurement ERP software.

With our automated Procurement tracking software, you can get complete visibility into the buying process, optimize you spend operations, and saves lot of time. Enables budget control and approval workflow that reduces the burden of buying process leads to cut down the approval time by weeks.

Accelerate the procurement Process. Yields remarkable results by selecting and On boarding new suppliers, simplifies the requisitions and enhances the Procure to Pay Process. Integrates with Vendor Management, Catalogue Management Requisition and approval workflow yields superior performance across the entire Procurement Cycle with our best procurement management software.

Streamline and automate your End-to-End Procurement Process

We SunSmart strive for technological excellence, always consider increased customization and configurations that should suitable for every single requirement. Supports multiple customization without considering its impact on performance, stability and credibility.

Procurement teams are in charging of entire process. Responsible for

  • Finding suppliers
  • Tracking orders
  • Diversifying suppliers
  • Defining contract terms and costs
  • Diversifying
  • All vendors should fulfil their obligations
procurement tracking software
Why Procurement Management is required for every business operation?

Procurement professionals require more powerful and responsive tools as the global economy becomes more complex and moves at a faster pace, allowing them to extract maximum cost savings from procurement while also assisting their companies in shifting the role of procurement processes toward value creation.

Each Procurement solution has its unique features, an effective eProcurement software includes

Procure-to-pay Optimization

Starts from the needs analysis to the purchase requisitions and PO’s through the payment of the final vendor invoice, the Procurement Management Software UAE is a complex one that requires automation.

Supplier Management

Your supply chain depends on the relationship with vendors who offers goods and services that helps to run the business. An effective Procurement Management System, offers tools to manage the supplier relationship.

Category Management

Has the ability to Organize all of its data related to maximum transparency, savings and value.

Why Purchase Management is important for every Organization?

Most of the business face challenges to run efficiently and effectively without Procurement. Now a day, Procurement is a necessity for every business sector. Drives a competitive advantage by cut down costs, avoiding errors & delays and maximize their resources.

Manages the Organization’s spend

A good procurement function faces crucial phase in deploying an annual buying plan, forecasting, purchasing process and cost reduction methods. These are the different functions helps to maximize their profits.


Purchase goods and services from external resources for effective functioning of Organization. Plays a crucial part in the company’s overall business strategy, helps to acquire the goods at the best possible cost.


Skilled Professionals negotiate the best deal and should procure the highest quality of products with the best possible price.

Monitoring Suppliers Performance

Monitor contracts to ensure the efficient supply of goods and services from suppliers. Ensure that there is timely delivery of materials from vendors with expected quality.

Compliance with Business Protocols

Procurement function must ensure to meet all company objectives and requirements. In an Organization, Staff is requested to purchase things, then it has to verify with the business protocols for budget approval and it has to align with the Business purchasing policy.


Procurement management system
  • Supplier Selection
  • Multi Lingual & Audit Trail Manager
  • Vendor Delivery Schedule Tracking
  • Vendor Digital Invoice Processing
  • Enterprise Workflow Manager
  • Supplier Evaluation & Shortlisting
  • Supplier Quotation (Both Online & Offline)
  • Supplier Registration with Enterprise Workflow
  • User Roles, User Management with Access Control Definitions.
  • Purchase Order Release
  • Notification Manager for SMS & Email Notifications
  • Multi Tenancy, Countries - Regions
  • Complete Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Branches, Knowledgebase & FAQ
  • Monitoring & Tracking of Part Deliveries, Rejected Items etc.
  • FA integration for Payment processing - Journal / AP Posting
  • Multi Branches, Knowledgebase & FAQ

Smart Procurement Management Solution for Your Business

Purchase Requisitions

Speed up your procurement processes – from requisition to receipts. Easily create Purchase Requisition directly from product lists.

Workflow approval

Enables synergies across departments for better workflow. Handles the responsibility of moving documents involved in a procurement function.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management starts with unique Procurement solution with smart bidding algorithms that enhances their engagement.


Smart Integrations with a centralized dashboard and its flexible to integrate with SAP through 3rd party approval.

Vendor Management

Quicker registration by accessing their vendor information through Multilingual catalogues. Rate your vendors using KPI’s.


Run your eProcurement seamlessly on desktop, iOS and Android. Request, approve or receive PO in a click through Mobile and gets notified.

Key Functions

  • Supplier Registration
  • Catalog Management
  • Enterprise Workflow Manager
  • Purchase Indents
  • RFP / RFQ
  • Online Quotations
  • Auctions / Reverse Auctions
  • Vendor Comparison
  • Delivery Schedule Tracker (Real time)
  • PO – Purchase Order
  • Receive material with complete Item details
  • No Manual entry at any stage
  • Goods Receipts
  • Compliant to local taxes
  • Quality Control
  • Stock Management
  • Fixed Assets with Bar code / QR Code / RFID
  • Account Payable automation of Suppliers with FA Integration
  • Integration with ERP Applications
  • Multi Currency
  • Notification on : SMS, Email, WhatsAPP
  • MobileAPP available
  • Dashboards & Reports
Benefits of Procurement Management
Research revealed that procurement software providers offers substantial improvements in their areas.
  • Reduced Lifecycle times for Purchase orders
  • Enhanced spend transparency and visibility
  • Increased spend control
  • Supply chain optimization
  • More effective Negotiations
  • Invoicing consolidation and optimization
  • Effective Negotiations and competitive Pricing
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