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Next Generation Interactive Platform

InstiView, that delivers data to the end-users in a most user-friendly method along with Corporate Branding & Marketing. InstiView is designed and developed considering the fact “Internet of Things” wherein the usage of Mobile Devices like Smart Phones and Tablets are increasing day by day.

How InstiView makes a difference

InstiView is designed and developed considering the fact “Internet of Things” wherein the usage of Mobile Devices like Smart Phones and Tablets are increasing day by day. The delivery channels of today like PDF and standard HTML are not comfortably viewable/accessible to the end users due to different devices are being used. Hence, sending these attachments are only a formality without yielding required results. This surge of devices also contributes to New Operating Systems and Frequent upgrade of existing Operating Systems results into the challenges of viewing the interactive data.

Today, we have a number of applications & systems that can deliver the data online which requires end users to spend the time to access the URL and login with their credentials. However, this data is not available locally and maximum export to PDF is feasible. This PDF export is a dump document without any interactivity and may run into pages and difficult to locate the data what they need.

There are external factors like Internet connectivity, Server availability, etc. are the hindering points in viewing/analyzing the data for the convenience of end users. SunSmart helps our clients with InstiView – Most Intelligent & Innovative Interactive Data Delivery Platform that creates this information and delivers them to the end users offline as Email Attachment. InstiView is a Responsive Design output so that it can be viewed comfortably on any devices like Smart Phones, Tablets, iPADs, Laptops, size, resolution, Desktops etc. Irrespective of their Operating system, InstiView data can be password locked with SHA-2 Encryption to ensure maximum security and data protection.

    InstiView data is highly interactive and works like a Business Intelligence Platform @ offline when users are viewing it.

    Users can click through multiple options of both data & graphs to the micro level information.

    InstiView generates the output as simple HTML File with all images / audio / Video / Graphs & Charts inbuilt part of same HTML file without any attachments. Users are getting a single HTML file that has everything inbuilt.

Interactive eStatements

Interactive eStatements Platform of Instiview is designed to meet the requirements of B2C Segment. Instiview generates the eStatements, Vouchers, Receipts, Invoices, Records etc. and send them through regular Email as an attachment.

The Statements which are being sent today as PDF or any other type are not easily readable in on different devices and they are just statements without any additional benefit to the corporate. Instiview is designed with an insight towards Branding, Campaigning, accessible on any device and Responsive design model that results multiple tangential benefits to the corporate.


Can be Used For

Bank Account Statement, Credit Card Statement
Telephone Bills
Mutual Fund Statements
Security Stock Statements
Electricity Bills
Dealer Statements
Tax Statements
Monthly Bills of Service Providers
Health Records of Patients & Any other data sharing




BI Reports

Whatever the Technology, Data Warehousing Platforms and BI solutions implemented for your company, still the management, MIS is either a PDF or Print Output or executives need to login in real-time to analyze. This is tedious to go through and find the required information quickly and makes an analysis based on various parameters. Accessing the BI Reports in real time requires Internet connection outside office premises and depending on the speed, may take a long time and wait for senior management. Further giving access to everyone the BI reports as an online is a security risk. Moreover, it is practically impossible to study the reports and do a local analysis and come with a plan during travels as the internet will not be available. Another challenge is accessing these portals using Tablets / Smart Phones.

To assist the top executives and provide them Analyzable Data with user-friendliness, InstiView MIS Platform generates Offline. Business Dashboards with micro-level drill down options and filter the data with clickable parameters to give the end user quick & sensible visibility of trends and analysis. InstiView can collate data from multiple systems, creates a data mart and publish the interactive reports available both online & offline. With just a click you can sync the real-time data for use in offline.

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