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Property Management Software
Property Management Software - Simple, Powerful, Affordable

Our Property Management Software assists in the tracking of all physical documents associated with properties at any given time. nTireFM has an investment management module that assists in the monitoring of refundable investments on properties, such as security deposits, etc.

Reduce inefficiencies, provide essential insights, and improve service to renters, suppliers, and clients. Companies require handling their properties like commercial office space, staff quarters, residential apartments, and training, etc., which are distributed across geographies on a real-time basis. Property management system is a powerful platform to grow your business efficiently. nTireFM is compatible across different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. SMS and Email Alerts are sent out for any concerns or issues on property assets.

Optimized Property Management Software For Landlords

You can manage all aspects of the property, including aging of property, Land Marks, available facilities (such as backups, parking, cabins, meeting rooms, etc.), and the ability to mark occupancy levels against each facility, CAPEX, and operational expenses on the property, statutory and security compliance such as the Labor Act, Service Tax Act, etc. Documents related to real estate like Agreement copy, registration document copy, etc., Images like Property Images (video and images), Building Plans, Fire Exit Plans, etc.

Rental / Lease Terms of Agreement, Tracking of the Market value, list of contacts for that property, like Electrician, Legal, and so on. Pre-closure / normal of agreement, Budgeted expenditures for that property vs. actual expenditures, etc. nTireFM conducts periodical property inspections and keeps note of all the queries that arise as a result of those inspections.

Property Management Software

Why choose nTireFM Software

real estate software
  • Inclusive Support
  • Access from anywhere
  • Full accounting functionality
  • Tailored implementation and training
  • Track maintenance more easily
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Collect rent online
  • Reduced administration work

Key Features of Property Management App

Real-Time Reminders

Real-time updates and alerts for actions and conversations are provided by a centralized task list.

Streamlined Service Charge

Simplify and automate service charge, reconciliation, and reporting.

Full Accounting

Comprehensive accounting features allows for the production of Full management accounts.

Manage Maintenance Works

Improved communications, understanding, and analysis will help to streamline the management of maintenance projects.

Flexible Reporting

The report writer and scheduler can be customized to provide deep insights and strong reporting.

Centralized Storage

Securely save data, links, and images in a centralized platform for quick and simple access.
property tracking software

nTireFM has an inbuilt Property Management Software Ghana for completely mapping and manage all of your property's maintenance activities. nTireFM tracks all payments on the property such as rents and operating expenses. As an owner, you may generate rent invoices, payment receipts, lease extensions, pre-close, etc. nTireFM Helpdesk module designs ticket based on different requests and assigns to the appropriate resource. You may keep track of these tickets until they expire. nTireFM is certified to run on all operating systems like iPads, Smart Phones, Tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Asset data such as branch, cost, depreciation, insurance, warranty, AMC, spares, time-based and counter-based PM setups, preventive maintenance tasks, custom fields for extra information, and asset audit configurations are all captured in the system. Our Real Estate Software is fully adaptable, you may manage all capabilities according to your business needs in real-time.

What nTireFM can do for you?

Manage your whole rental property management software on one interactive platform. With nTireFM, web-based and mobile apps, your complete team can work from anywhere. Streamlined processes and intelligent automation permit your team to focus on serving your communities and offering an excellent tenant and owner experience.

Advantages of Property Management System Ghana
  • Access all of your portfolio data and documents, and rely on intelligent structures to drill down to the levels of detail you need.
  • Produce and maintain a single set of data for your entire business, avoiding duplication and inaccuracies while allowing for maximum collaboration.
  • nTireFM is simple to use and attractive, with a modern user and intuitive interfaces that can be customized for different user types.
  • nTireFM is simple to use and attractive, with a modern user and intuitive interfaces that can be customized for different user types.
  • With different apps and web-enabled mobile applications, you may achieve absolute mobility in your operations.
  • Use portals to make communication with customers easier and more powerful, foster better connections, and create communities.
Property Management Software

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