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Finds the best Property Management Software that best fits for your business

Property Software Available on Cloud - On-Premises and On Demand

Our Property Management Software in Dubai helps in tracking the movement of all physical documents of the properties at any point of time. nTireFM has also an investment management module that helps in tracking returnable investments on the properties like security deposits etc.

Design innovative listings of your rental properties, includes the property details that tenants need to know. Integrated solution for rental property investors and helps the Property managers to generate financial reports, manage tenants, sync with bank accounts.

nTireFM is a best Property Management Software in UAE that helps to manage their properties like commercial office space, Residential apartments, Staff Quarters, Training, Colleges etc., spread across geographies on a real-time basis. Supports right from identification of property, legal compliance checking and entering into Lease / Rental Agreements.

Platforms to meet your Rental Property Management Software needs

You can manage complete data of the property like Aging of Property, Land Marks, Amenities Available in the property (like Backups, Parking facilities, Cabins, Meeting Rooms etc.) and provision for marking occupancy levels against each facility, CAPEX and Operational Expenses on the property, Statutory & Security Compliance met by that premises like Labor Act, Service Tax Act etc., Property related documents like Agreement copy, registration document copies etc., Images like Property Images (Video and still images), Building Plan, Fire Exit Plan etc.,

Offer advanced features such as tenant screening, online rent collection, maintenance request management, Lease document preparation and secured document storage. nTireFM has a periodical inspection of properties and tracking of all the queries raised out of those inspections. Together with nTireCAMS– our state-of-the-art Asset Management System, all the assets available in the property can be tracked and their maintenance schedules are completely monitored.

Property Management Software


property management system
  • Detailed Reports
  • Approval Workflow
  • Storing of all Documents
  • Legal Compliance Tracking
  • Generation of Agreements
  • Storing of all images / plans
  • Property Information System
  • Help Desk System for Issue Tracking
  • Category / Type classification
  • Statutory Compliance Tracking
  • Budget Vs Actual Management
  • Market Value Tracking
  • Contacts Management
  • Renewal of lease / rent
  • Managing of Capex / Opex
  • Normal / Pre Closure Management
  • Property Lease / Rent Terms
  • Tracking of ownership History
  • Maintenance Management Plan
  • Generation of Payables / Receivables
  • Facilities Available / Occupancy
  • Asset Management
  • Property Inspections / Issue Track

Make your operations the most efficient by property management software
for landlords

Industry-specific accounting

Integrated with finance module, handles bank reconciliations, financial reports like balance sheet, profit and loss.


Calendar enables the property owners, managers and employees to visualize their appointments in different ways.

Rate Plan Management

Rate plan Management enables the user to create rate plans & derived rate plans, makes them to assign reservations.

Document Management

Important documents like lease agreements, official notices, Insurance papers and other documents can be easily by the rental property management software.

Tenant Management

Tenant database has name, contact details, service and payment history, Rent schedules and plan renewals.


Secured access to all the documents and protects the secured information that comes with renting and lease property.

Property Management

Managing properties is not an efficient task, with this right software, you can yield more efficient tools to accomplish the job.


Customize your report, the way you want and give owners reports exactly how they want in an interactive way.

Alerts and Notifications

Automated alerts and notifications makes to reduce your work load and stays ahead of all your responsible tasks.

Benefits of Property Management Software

property software
  • Easy Maintenance Monitoring
  • Data Tracking
  • Making Payments easy from tenants and contracts
  • Quick Inspection
  • Tenant Screening
  • Enhances Calendar Scheduling
  • Better Reporting and Analysis
  • Real-time access to information
  • Improved Security
  • Simplified Backup & Recovery
Property Management Made Easy

Commercial Property Management Software UAE has inbuilt Property Maintenance Management System (PMMS) for completely mapping and managing all the maintenance activities of your properties. Helpdesk module of nTireFM, creates tickets based on various requests and assigns to the responsible resource. You can track these tickets till their closure. Lease Management Software is certified to access across all operating systems, all devices, including iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops etc. irrespective of Operating Systems.

nTireFM is a comprehensive system for real estate vendors with unique and reliable needs. Real Estate Management Software simplifies your life as a real estate investor monitors the financial performance of each rental property.

nTireFM is accessible across browsers like IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, etc., SMS / Email Alerts are issued for any problems/issues on property assets. Users can communicate back to nTireFM through Emails & SMS. Asset Data like Branch, Cost, Depreciation, Insurance, Warranty, AMC, Spares, Time based & Counter Based PM configurations, Preventive Maintenance Tasks, Custom Fields for additional information, Asset Audit Configurations are captured in the system. Our property management system Dubai is highly configurable and hence you can manage all functionalities as per your business Requirement instantly.

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