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Seamlessly track and locate your assets using Sunsmart asset management Software

nTireCAMS is an asset management and maintenance software that is one of the most advanced solutions on the market for managing both physical and virtual assets. Our flexible asset management software can be customized to meet your specific asset management requirements. Our Enterprise Asset Management System contains all of the features and functionality that your organization requires for an effective and efficient asset management.

Our asset management system can be deployed into your business in four weeks and existing assets can be quickly added to the system. Our asset management software Ghana has been successfully implemented in a variety of industries including manufacturing, public works, utilities and so on. Asset Management Solutions assists you in managing and controlling every aspect of your asset inventory, developing an effective maintenance program, and prioritizing maintenance funding based on risk and criticality. Fixed asset management software assists you in tracking the financial condition of your assets at various stages of your organization's asset lifecycle.

Our Digital asset management software is 100% Cloud/Web-based solution that can be accessed via LAN, WAN, Intranet and Internet.

Why choose nTireCAMS?

Many organizations have chosen us to simplify, accelerate, and streamline asset management. nTireCAMS helps you manage your assets with less effort, higher availability, lower operational costs, and a longer shelf life. An nTireCAMS software offers

  • Easy implementation
  • Intuitively designed software
  • Proven across many industry sectors
  • Excellent customer service
Simplify Inventory Management with nTireCAMS

Our asset management software provides a complete inventory control system with multi warehouse management and dormant stock analysis to keep your customers satisfied.

  • Simplify inventory control
  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Order management
  • Order fulfilment is quick and simple
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Benefits of Using Asset Management Software

asset tracking software
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Easy to use interface
  • Enhanced Security
  • Eliminate tracking
  • Easy customized content
  • Easy Build reports
  • Multi Lingual Supported

Functions of nTireCAMS software

Process Oriented

nTireCAMS is designed to increase business efficiencies and provide a streamlined approach to asset management. It allows you to track your assets in real time by assigning a unique barcode/RFID/BLE identity to each asset.

Scalable and Flexible

Our asset management system provides you with the scale and flexibility of deployment that you require for your business. Its modular architecture enables simple and ready-to-use workflows that are tailored to your company's needs.

Reduced Risk

Digital asset management software provides real time visibility of all your business fixed and mobile assets, reduce the risk of loss due to factors such as theft, data loss, ineffective supervision and human errors.


Our asset management software seamlessly integrates with your ERP / FA Systems with zero downtime, allowing for continuous data and information flow between the operational and business layers.


Layer of intrusion detection system prevent unwanted access to your data. nTireCAMS provides the finest and secure servers in the market, with top tier hosting services to safeguard your data.


Set reminders and alarms for assets that require regular maintenance, contracts and license that are about to expire and other feature. Avoids risks and solves problems before they become a concern.

Features Of Asset Management

asset tracking software
  • Real time notifications
  • Agile decision-making
  • Maximize revenues
  • System integration
  • Automated Transfer Management
  • Efficient & Effortless Updating
  • Bar Code/QR Code/RFID tags
  • Accurate & Compliant System
Asset Management Software
Smarter IT Asset Management

Our IT Asset management software ensures that your organization's corporate security policies and regulatory requirements are followed, it improves productivity by providing necessary support to user and business needs, it reduces licensing and support costs, and it limits the overhead costs of managing the IT environment.

Monitor Your Assets remotely

Asset tracking system assists you in the seamless maintenance of your assets, and our asset management system Ghana can be accessed across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, regardless of operating system. nTireCAMS is certified for use with any standard browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, default mobile browsers, and so on. This makes it easier for your organization to request, assign, identify, locate, and track all assets.

  • Improve overall efficiency by maintaining all assets in one place and preventing inaccuracies.
  • Gain access to all of your asset data and confidently execute strategies by utilizing intelligent structures to drill down to the levels of detail required.
  • Get simple-to-use, appealing software with a user-friendly interface and advanced dashboards that can be configured based on user preferences.
  • Increase investor and stakeholder satisfaction by improving visibility of issues, asset progress, and outcomes.
  • With the specialized solutions provided by asset management system, you can start making confident decisions.
  • With fixed asset register the entire process becomes hassle free with accurate recording of transactions that offers identification and verification of assets whenever needed.
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