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Document Management Software
A single platform to collaborate and manage your documents

Companies have to manage more data than ever before, in more formats and from different sources. nTireDMS serves document management needs across teams, departments, and enterprises, whether you're focused on maintaining a small set of critical business documents or managing the documents of everyday work life. nTireDMS is a secure document management software in Ghana that makes it easy to design and communicate securely from any device.

nTireDMS is a secure, convenient document management system built for variety of tasks including document capture & storage, search & retrieval, and file sharing. DMS Software adapts to any business model by enhancing collaboration and communication amongst users while increasing accessibility and functionality in repositories of all sizes. nTireDMS is the smart and flexible choice, with a user-friendly interface available in 162+ languages support.

Electronic Document Management Software

nTireDMS is a web-based document management system, extremely scalable, entire solution for organizing and publishing electronic documents, circulars, and procedures. Our Document Management Software allows you to manage any type of document quickly, efficiently, and securely. With nTireDMS, you can securely share documents and track their reviews and comments.

Quick and advanced document search, edit (including version (check-in/out) and audit trail), and approval for release, etc., make your document publishing and handling process simple and standardized.

DMS Software

Benefits of Using Document Management Software

Document management software
  • Security of documents
  • Enabled Bookmark
  • 24 types of files support
  • File sharing and Collaboration
  • Enhanced customer support and service
  • Flexible and quick search
  • Access your apps from a single view
  • Control Documents and Data
  • Manage Critical documents from a centralized platform

How does Document Management System Help You?

Taking control of your document management procedures will help you to develop, manufacture, and distribute your product or service in a consistent, repeatable manner. With nTireDMS you can:

Increased productivity

nTireDMS shortens your document review and approval times with features like Email Approvals, Task Scheduler, Alerts and Notifications, and real-time collaboration.

Manage Critical Documents

It allows you to construct detailed control documents with information such as the Document Title, Description, Effective Date, Expiration Date, Security Information, and more.

Document Audit logs

It provides a detailed audit trail of all actions and changes made to the documents in the nTireDMS. A thorough log for each document can monitor all events that have occurred during the document's lifecycle.

Enhance Regulatory Compliance

To handle your critical documents in a compliance-ready format, Enterprise Document Management Software delivers a centralized repository and pre-defined standard templates.

Document Viewer

Document viewer allows you to examine documents online so that you can see the documents quickly.

Integrate Document with Training Process

Document-based training will track your team's performance and comprehension. Electronic signatures capability can monitor your employee’s signoffs, which will help to track their training progress for maintaining compliance and quality requirements.
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Document Management System Easy to Use

Favorite Documents option allows users to save documents in their folders for easy access. Share document feature allows you to share documents with other users. Users are reminded/alerted/notified of new documents and changes to existing documents via Email and SMS notifications. With the built-in audit log, all system and file activity is tracked and recorded for quick report production. All files imported and created with nTireDMS are encrypted on the server to ensure that only authorized users have access to them.

nTireDMS allows you to store and manage any file format, including PDF, Text, Audio, Video files, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc. Files can be viewed by multiple users at the same time, and version control for editing and revisions is available. Customize and control document flow and business processes for multi-user approval needs using an in-depth rules-based workflow. The nTireDMS Web and Mobile apps both have access to the Workflow.

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