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Procurement Management Software
All-in-one Platform Revolutionizes Procurement

nTirePMS software is a cloud based / on demand / on premise smarter procurement management software with inbuilt supply chain management. With our simple and user-friendly procurement management system, you can get centralized purchasing management, custom approvals, budget controls, and real-time insights. Reduce the complexity and competitive issues you face in the procurement process by using nTirePMS and gain control over spend, compliance, and risk.

By incorporating Procurement management software Ghana into your business, you can expand your business capabilities, save time, and streamline the entire procurement process. It allows you to manage purchase orders (PO), requisitions, procurement scheduling, and supplier evaluations. Our nTirePMS can be integrated with any ERP system and can function with or without such integrations.

Smarter You Procurement Process With nTirePMS

The nTirePMS assists organizations in automatically locating suppliers who can provide a product or service at a valid estimated price and delivery timeline.

  • Purchase Requisitions – Helps you to capture, approve and keep record of purchase request.
  • Purchase Orders – Issue purchase order and generate orders automatically based on purchase request.
  • Vendor Management – On-board, maintain and manage vendors in efficient platform.
  • Purchase Invoices - Approve your invoices on the go and evaluates the invoices effortlessly.
  • Analytics – Generate admissible, data-driven insights from your purchasing related data.
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Benefits of Using Procurement Software

procurement management software
  • Timely and streamlined approvals
  • Workflow driven task management
  • Complete visibility and control
  • Eliminate manual labor
  • Strengthen supplier relationships
  • Enhance Visibility & Control
  • Increase Operational & Capital Efficiency
  • Fully customizable and streamlined procurement process

nTirePMS Functions

With a procurement management solution, you can forget about approval delays, purchase orders in Excel and manual reports.

Purchase Orders

With e procurement software there is no need to be worried about Excel or PDF orders. nTirePMS generates purchase orders (PO) instantly from a request or from scratch and sends them to suppliers automatically. Provides limitless catalog of products & services and clearly visible status indicators.

Approval Workflow

With nTirePMS, there are faster approvals, more flexible workflows, and faster delivery of needed products or services. The workflows for specific locations, departments, and custom fields are created and with mobile-ready approvals.


Purchase management software provides accurate and necessary information to ensure that financial and operational decisions are made in the best possible way. Provides a Real-time data at your fingertips and get a various customizable fields for custom reports, with more filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Automated e Invoice

Our procurement management system provides a comprehensive view of all your business with e invoices, as well as information such as the order's value and current status. This software enables businesses to make quick decisions and interact with suppliers without delay.


Your organization may customize and automate invoices and purchase orders for specific items, brands, and categories based on their requirements. This enables your company to establish a smart business and increase brand loyalty among customers.

Build Relationship with Your Suppliers

The Purchase management system helps your business to manage all your suppliers via a single system and a powerful dashboards. This dashboard with complete information, helps you to keep track of every activity of each supplier.
Procurement Management Software
Control your spend and run your business more efficiently with nTirePMS

Say goodbye to complicated solutions, paper-based processes, and slow approval. Say hello to proactive Spend Management

  • Customize approval – Purchase approvals are simplified and are from a single secure location.
  • Purchasing Workflows – Reduce complexity in procurement process and save time taken.
  • Real-Time Budgets – Better visibility into budgets against actual spend.
  • Vendor/Catalog Insights - Make intelligent purchasing and smarter business decisions.
  • Expense Management – Offers effortless expense management.
  • Mobile App – Easy request and approvals on the go.
Smarter You Procurement Process With nTirePMS
  • Prepare packages based on requisitions, analyze quotations and place purchase orders
  • Generate engineering requisitions and purchase orders
  • Track shipments of materials and equipment
  • Integrate with Cost Management as a source for project commitments in reporting.
  • Keeps track of invoices and payments in order to complete purchase order transactions
  • Audit trails are detailed and track all actions taken on all processes
  • The nTirePMS monitors inventory levels and sends alerts, forecasts demand, and thus assists you in automating the inventory management process and reducing costs
  • For seamless data transfer, nTirePMS integrates with your existing accounting system as well as other third-party ERP solutions
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