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Electronic Document Management Software

Our Document Management Software allows you to quickly, efficiently, and securely manage documents of any form. With nTireDMS, you can securely share documents and keep track of their reviews and comments.

The Access Control List improves document security by preventing document downloads, copying, and even screenshot disabling, depending on the settings. Our document management software UK can categorize, and index all uploaded documents for quick search and view. Using nTireDMS you my reduce maintenance, personnel, and distribution expenses while improving presentation and response time. Custom fields have been enabled in nTireDMS, which aid in the capture of additional document information. Web based Document management software provides automatic document transmission through FTP and Secured FTP. Users can upload multiple files and even scan and publish files with Access permissions.

What does nTireDMS do for you?

Using nTireDMS, you can track and save all documents in single location, either on your company's intranet or in the cloud. All of your key papers, such as work guidelines, Product profiles, strategy documents, and SOPs, can be stored on nTireDMS, ensuring that everything is in order. Disorganized and uncontrolled documentation work can lead to business losses and potentially disclose critical information.

With enterprise document management software, you can assist industry-standard processes to:

  • Create and Collaborate Crucial Documents
  • Setup Training Requirements
  • Effortlessly review and Approve Documents
  • Associate Reference Documents
DMS Software

Benefits of Using Document Management System

Document management software
  • Excellent Collaboration tools
  • Security of documents
  • Flexible indexing of documents
  • Better internal operations
  • Enhanced user satisfaction and service
  • Flexible and Quick search
  • Enabled Bookmark
  • Handle critical documents from a centralized platform

Features of Document Management Software

Various document management system available in the market, one thing that makes nTireDMS software best among are its features.

Document Security

Strong access control prevents papers from falling into mishandling. You can define not only who gets what, but also what the customer can do with the documents. For instance, you can regulate whether the user can read, download, print, share, or make a new version. You can configure access control up to the page level of the document using document control software.

Workflow Management

nTireDMS is a totally customizable workflow management module. Using the workflow configurator, you can create business process workflows. Create your data-entry fields and apply business rules for document flow. Web based Document management software provides you with total visibility into your business processes, allowing you to monitor and correct bottlenecks in real-time.

Document Viewer

Document viewer allows you to examine documents online so that you can see the documents quickly. The viewer has simple navigation options apart from linked documents, zoom-in/zoom-out, rotation, and index-information etc. All document formats are supported by the nTireDMS viewer.

Document Formats

Document Management System supports 24 types of file formats like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Text, Images, Video files, etc. Users can upload multiple files and publish them with access rights.

Document Searching

nTireDMS allows you complete control over the search definitions, including validations for each one. You can also specify whether a search is required. You can use these indexes for searching the documents swiftly.

Document Folders

Documents in nTireDMS are stored in folders. You can construct your folder hierarchy based on your company's needs. Document management software offers a variety of attributes that you can apply to each folder to customize it to your requirements.
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Why Document Management is Important?

Another important aspect in maintaining quality management is a document management system. It covers processes for creating, store, review, and modifying business-critical documents, as well as many others. It gives you to:

nTireDMS is a safe, easy-to-use document management system in UK that may be used for document file sharing, capture and storage, and search and retrieval. nTireDMS adapts to any business model by enhancing accessibility and functionality in repositories of all sizes while increasing collaboration and communication between users.

  • Improve document control
  • Maintain protection and security of the documents
  • Errors will be eliminated, and retention will improve
  • With good knowledge, you can improve your decision-making process

Document Management Platform

Search and Retrieval

nTireDMS provides a number of simple and intuitive search capabilities that allow users to quickly find the documents they require. Users can use global search to find documents that contain the term in the search fields, file name, control number, document number, or within the document.

Multilingual Support

With user-friendly interface nTireDMS is available in 162 languages. Supported languages include: English, Arabic, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Norwegian, Chinese, Danish, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Bulgarian, Korean, and etc.

Document Audit logs

It provides a detailed audit trail of all actions and changes made to the documents in the records management software. A thorough log for each document can monitor all events that have occurred during the document's lifecycle.

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