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Legal Management Software
Digitize your legal operations with our powerful nTireLegal

Legal Management Software aids in the data consistency, the reduction of time lag, and the overall control and monitoring of all legal matters as per global standards. The Central Office Legal Department will have overall control over all litigations handled, allowing any case status to be obtained with a few mouse clicks at any time. nTireLegal maintains all static documents, workflow-based documents, legal cases, and matters from a single view, utilizing the best technology and providing value to customers.

Our legal case management software is compatible with iPads, Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, and PCs. nTireLegal is certified for access across all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and default mobile browsers. For users across Branches, our Legal Management Software UK is a self-intuitive solution with a zero learning curve.

What is Enterprise Legal Management Software?

Legal Management comprises all of the elements required to successfully conduct Legal Operations and completely integrate Legal as a strategic partner to the rest of the organization. It includes,

Legal Matter Management

Matter management includes handling all aspects of corporate legal activity. Legal can provide a thorough and accurate database with a single source of truth in place, which can later house comprehensive analytics to identify trends and proactively minimize risk.

Legal Management Software

How to choose the best Legal Case Management Software?

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  • Customized Cause List
  • Easy Legal Billing / Invoice
  • Firm and User Management
  • Case Management
  • Hearing Dates Management
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Law firm Insights
  • Client Management
  • Sync with the courts

Features of Legal Management System

Case Management

To keep cases on track with integrated document storage, calendaring, enhanced productivity, and progress updates.

Tracking Time

Quick and precise time tracking to ensure you never have to worry about changing billable time again.

Financial Reporting

Make informed decisions based on in-depth knowledge of the most crucial parts of your firm.

Lead Management

With the features of Legal management software, you can track, manage, and convert more prospective clients into business for your legal firm.


nTireLegal provides law firm security, ensuring the safety of your most critical client information and correspondence.

Multilingual Support

With a user-friendly interface, nTireLegal is available in 165+ languages support. Supported languages like, English, Arabic and etc.
Legal case management software
Why nTireLegal to Your Business

Legal management software helps law firms to improve efficiency. When everyone from employees to customers to outside counsel has 24/7 access to crucial information, nothing gets overlooked and cases go more easily. nTireLegal makes file sharing, calendaring, and deadlines.

Our Legal case management software can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. nTireLegal is a cloud-based system that works whether you're at work, in court, or somewhere. You may view case files, complete tasks, and share invoices using a web browser or mobile app. nTireLegal is designed to be grasped quickly by anyone, regardless of technical ability, because of its intuitive interface and easy-to-learn functionalities. Legal practice management software allows you to find value quickly, whether you're checking in for the first time or testing out a new feature.

Benefits of Legal Management Software
  • Documents - Each entity has both static and dynamic documents. With the help of Meta keyword search, you may retrieve quickly.
  • Entities Management - Formation of any type of entity and its base information.
  • Case and Matter Management - Keep track of all your cases and matters in one spot. Both online and MS Outlook calendaring track the dates.
  • Claims Management keeps track of all legal expenses.
  • In Each case, manage Activities, Reminders, Free Notes, Communications, and all processes starting with the Legal Notice of Settlement, etc.
  • Courts, Sub-Courts, Case Types/Matters, Case Processes, Attorneys, and other entities are all administered in one location.
  • Knowledge Centre – for monitoring of all Court Rules & Laws, Quick search for closed references, etc.
  • The prediction is aided by graphical and data reports with metrics, and Legal Department workers will discover problems with a specific status at the click of a button.
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