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Procurement Management Software
Automate Your Procurement Processes with nTirePMS

nTirePMS is a Cloud-Based / On Demand / On Premises Intelligent Procurement Management Software that enables an efficient purchase-to-pay cycle while enforcing proper procurement policies. Complete spend visibility, automated rule-based processes, improved supplier relationship management, and meeting your procurement goals are all possible with our e Procurement management software.

Procurement management system that provides the functionality required to manage the entire procurement process throughout the lifecycle of any project size or type. Purchase management software handles requisitions and purchase orders (PO), as well as scheduling procurement, facilitating shipping, and evaluating suppliers. eProcurement software simplifies the procurement process while increasing operational and capital efficiency. nTirePMS that improves visibility and control over the entire procurement lifecycle is essential to an organization's success and growth. Control your spending, minimize risk, and boost profits with procurement management software UK.

Get transparency and control of your spend with procurement management solution

By incorporating a purchase management system, you can improve your procurement consumer shopping experience. With web-based procurement software, you'll have complete visibility and control while also saving employees time.

  • Increase Spend Under Management – Make your requisition and order process easier by getting an overview and tracking of the entire process to get pre-approved spend flowing through the procurement system in real-time.
  • Improve your visibility and control – By increasing the pre-approved spend, your company can gain complete visibility of the purchase-to-pay process and control the need to ensure compliance.
  • Ensure User Acceptance and Overall Value - The Source-to-Pay module of nTirePMS provides a modern procurement design experience to make adoption easier for every employee and supplier. This increased adoption results in increased value.
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Benefits of Using Procurement Software

procurement management software
  • Strengthen supplier relationships
  • Eliminate manual labor
  • Unite multiple systems
  • Increase operational and capital efficiency
  • Complete visibility and control
  • Timely and streamlined approvals
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Role based quick fix for all procurement professionals
  • Keep track of supplier performance evaluations
  • Create requisitions

Make requisitions and purchases as simple

Simplify online purchase orders

Procurement management software allows you to accelerate the procure-to-pay process, from purchase orders to receipts. You can easily create purchase requests for both catalogue and non-catalog items directly from product lists. Allows users the freedom to purchase whatever they need, whenever they require it, and without delay.

Digitalizing Purchase Order Creation

Manually generating purchase orders slows down the purchase-to-pay process, makes it take longer, and necessitates multiple verification procedures to ensure the correct one. The e Procurement management software increases efficiency and saves time by allowing you to generate purchase orders and order confirmations from requisitions with a single click or from scratch in an instant.

Utilize a vendor database

Manage and evaluate them all from a single robust e-procurement interface, allowing you to select vendors based on your specific needs. In a single click, you can create and send purchase orders to your vendors. Configure notifications to assist you in keeping legal contracts' agreements and conditions up to date.

Workflows for dynamic approval routing

Make customizable approvals flows for requisitions and purchase orders to gain control over your purchases. To ensure policy compliance, automate your approval workflows. Obtain transparency so that you can be certain that the appropriate people are approving the appropriate purchases. With this mobile-friendly procurement management software, you can reduce delays by managing approvals on the go.

Control Maverick Spending

Get a complete picture of your spending at every stage of the procurement process. Empower your finance team to efficiently plan cash flow and strategically use cash on hand to get the best discounts. When offering suppliers immediate payment of invoices in exchange for a spot discount, double-check for budget oversight.

Speed up invoice processing

Ensure that invoices are captured and processed in a timely manner. Payments can be made with confidence if purchase orders and invoices are matched, and your invoice reconciliation process can be automated to eliminate errors. Reduce risks by paying only invoices that meet pre-determined criteria and dealing with any unexpected invoices before they appear in accounts.

Features of nTirePMS

procurement management software
  • Transparent Purchase Requisition
  • Flexible Purchase Order
  • Streamlined Vendor Management Process
  • Hassel Free Purchase Invoices
  • Actionable insights
  • Powerful Integrations
  • Track shipments of materials and equipment

eProcurement Software Help’s In


Integrate with a number of third-party e-commerce sites to sync your purchase orders and automatically update information based on orders fulfilled. You can also easily add modules to suit your business needs and work in tandem with this e procurement software.


nTirePMS procurement management software is fully customizable based on your business needs. You can remove features that aren't necessary for your business, which helps to improve efficiency and reduce complexity.

Remote Access

You can easily gain complete control over your entire procurement process by using certified devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Request, approve, or receive purchase orders in seconds on the web or mobile, and receive notifications to alert you to any new items that require attention.

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