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Property Management Software
Manage Property with nTireFM

Selecting the best property management software in UK to help you optimize, organize, and build your business is a huge decision, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Use the property management checklist to assist you to make the best option when evaluating the solutions offered by any real estate management software.

nTireFM is a multi-discipline technology for property owners, investors, and occupiers of all sizes and asset classes. nTireFM Property management system is a powerful platform to keep you efficient to let you enhance your business. Firms require monitoring their properties, such as commercial office space, residential apartments, staff quarters, and training, etc., which are distributed across geographies.

Optimized Property Tracking Application

You can handle complete data of property management like Land Marks, Facilities available in the property like (Cabins, Meeting Rooms, etc). Property-related documents like registration copies, agreement copies, and so on. Property management software for landlords keeps account of all payments on the property, such as rents and operational costs. As an owner, you can generate payment receipts, rent invoices, lease extensions, etc. nTireFM Helpdesk module creates tickets based on various requests and assigns them to the appropriate resource. You may track these tickets until they expire. Property Management Software work on all platforms, including iPads, Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and Desktops.

nTireFM is compatible with many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. SMS and email alerts are sent out for any concerns or issues with property assets. Emails and SMS can be used to communicate with nTireFM. Asset data such as branch, cost, insurance, warranty, spares, time-based and, counter-based PM setups, preventive maintenance tasks, custom fields for extra information, and asset audit configurations are all captured in the system. Our Property Management app is fully adaptable, you may manage all functionalities according to your business needs in real-time.

Property Management Software

Why choose nTireFM Software

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  • Inclusive Support
  • Access from anywhere
  • Full accounting functionality
  • Tailored implementation and training
  • Track maintenance more easily
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Collect rent online
  • Reduced administration work

Features of Property Management System

Online Rent Payments

nTireFM enables online rent payments for your tenants at no extra charge. Your renders can set up one-time or recurring rent payments using security systems that allow them to pay by electronic network (ACH) or credit card.

Trust Accounting

nTireFM provides the trust accounting required by state real estate boards. We also have audit-trained personnel on hand to assist you if you are ever subjected to an audit.

Track Income and Expenses

Take the uncertainty out of property and tenant accounting with best property management software provides an easy-to-use general ledger accounting system, which includes all reports that you and your CPA can understand.

Mobile App for your Tenants

Your tenants will be able to make rent payments, submit maintenance requests, examine payment history, and receive notifications through your mobile app.

Tenant Screening

nTireFM provides you with immediate access to credit records, criminal reports, eviction history, and other information.

Real-Time Reminders

Real-time updates and alerts for actions and conversations are provided by a centralized task list.
Property Management Software
How our Property Management Work

Manage your whole rental management software portfolio from a single, user-friendly interface. With nTireFM web and mobile apps, your complete team can work from anywhere. Streamlined operations and smart automation permit your team to focus on serving your communities and providing an exceptional tenant and owner experience.

Advantages of Property Management Software
  • Improve your service by using several technologies to keep renters, residents, owners, suppliers, and employees informed about issues, progress, and results.
  • Access all of your portfolio's data and documents, and rely on intelligent structures to drill down to the levels of detail you need.
  • Produce and maintain a single set of data for your entire business, avoiding duplication and inaccuracies and allowing for maximum levels of collaboration.
  • Use portals to make communication with customers easier and more powerful, to promote better connections, and to create communities.
  • With a range of apps and web-enabled mobile apps, you may achieve absolute mobility in your operations.
  • nTireFM software is simple to use and attractive with a modern user interface and intuitive dashboards that can be customized for different users.
  • Utilize well-known rent and service charge collecting capabilities, and generate money from additional services provided to residents and tenants.
  • Rely on software that complies with industry and accounting laws, reduces risk, and helps you satisfy audit needs.
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